Remove level 45 Peace Pledge (Dove) from Bless Online (NA&EU Version)

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This petition will be presented to Neowiz to demonstrate the community wishes to remove the level 45 Doves from the NA&EU version of Bless Online.

This item disintegrates the integrity of the gameplay and should not be included in the game at level 45. It negatively affects the PvP as well as the PvE and could have drastic ramifications on the game's population and direction.

PvP Concern:
Doves allow players to ignore the PvP-centric concept of the game because they don't want to participate in PvP or consider themselves bad at it. Imagine going around trying to PK players like you normally would in any MMORPG with this feature and then suddenly as you walk up to them, "BAM!" they cannot be attacked for 10 minutes! This is precisely the issue. It's no secret Bless has a very PvP-focused environment and the Dove would ruin that by design.

PvE Concern:
Doves also ruin PvE content because anyone can use these to avoid being attacked for the purpose of kill stealing. Assuming the NA/EU release uses the same mechanic as the JP one, the first player to hit a monster will receive the rewards from it. This means a player could use the Dove then take all the mobs in the area that you've been farming for a while. This also means that when farming elites, a player could use a dove and take all the drops while simultaneously not being able to be attacked.

Population Concern:
Every example from past games without a Dove equivalent has proven that this isn't the case. MMORPGs thrive on competition and PvP is a great way to encourage that. It's most likely the case that with the mentality fostered in pro-Dove games more players quit those than ones without an equivalent item.

Arguments against common reasons people believe the item should remain can be found at but keep in mind this site was created with the intention to fully remove the item from the game. While "sneak" believes all should be removed, the community is leaning more towards removing only the level 45 one.


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