Bless Online fixing the server merges

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As you all know Neowiz the creators of Bless Online are about to drop a server merger on the 24 July 2018. That's what the communities wanted. However the servers they chose to merge were filled with same factions. So now server Tanara is getting all the Hieron players and server Lilly is getting all the Union players. I care about this game and the community that is still sitting around grasping for oxygen as the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper. Neowiz needs to change up the following to ensure they stop losing players.  

  1. Make it possible to players to change factions through micro transactions or give the player base a one time free transfer during the server merges. That way players in my guild <Resistance> that want to transfer to union so there is more variety among the population of the game in faction terms. 
  2. Make one server for NA and EU. That way your player base will stay active with the PVP opportunities that you have given us. As of right now the amount of PVP happening is pitiful at best. One successful que an hour for the battle grounds. Also, no one of the union faction on my server even comes to Basel Gorge. To add on to this idea whenever you launch your game fully just add the amount of servers from pre order sales that you can estimate like maybe two more instead of freaking out and adding six like you did with pre launch of early access leaving us all in the mess we're facing right now.