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NEOSTRATA USED TO BE THE HOLY GRAIL OF SKIN CARE. This line was used by many loyal customers for years who swore by its ability to tackle any skin care need. 

Since the changes to the NEOSTRATA line, customers have noticed the changes are NOT for the better. Their new products are not only terrible, ineffective, lacking, too harsh to the skin, and falling short to their cookie cutter response of “enhancing product formulas”. They also downsized and raised the prices of their products.

Changing products can be and HAVE BEEN detrimental to certain individuals' skin. Many have complained of their skin issues returning, burns to their face, and smells of chemicals coming from the new products. Not only has it had physical effects BUT EMOTIONAL ASWELL. Many users struggled with severe acne and eczema. The changes in the formulas have allowed their skin issues to return, some even worse than before. Anyone with skin issues can understand the effect this has on their self esteem. The damage is BOTH ...PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL. 

The company did not offer up a new suitable line of product formulas to replace the old EFFECTIVE products. WE WANT THE OLD PRODCUT FORMULAS BACK. WHY "FIX" SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER BROKEN?

I have created this petition in conjunction with ALL of the comments/concerns that are spewed all over their social media and being called into their customer service line daily. WHAT MORE MUST WE DO? PLEASE SIGN AND SUPPORT. NEOSTRATA CANADA, REINSTATE THE OLD PRODUCT FORMULAS!!!