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True Love Waits...

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True love waits. We do not need to find love because love itself will find you. But of course, it wouldn't come instantly as we wished for it. Especially if you are like me who's still young and is not yet ready for a "life long" relationship. Why life long? Because Love or relationships aren't just for fun, or entertainment, or past time, or whatever. Its not just a "thing" that you want for the sake of "kilig" and when it doesn't work out, you'll throw your relationship away and find another one to fill the void and want of pleasure in your heart and satisfy yourself. But that's the thing about pleasure, you can never get enough. I know that not all people are like what I've said about filling the void in your heart and stuff, but the question is...why do you want a relationship? is it for the reason of fitting in with the others, to say your cool that you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. But let me gets things clear, I AM NOT AGAINST RELATIONSHIPS. I'm Just saying that relationships are meant for the future, where we are ready and capable of providing a life for our significant half. And ready to have a real commitment. As i was saying, my point is, if we are wanting to enter in a relationship, we should be aiming for MARRIAGE. Because that's the whole point of relationships (towards the opposite gender). Its not for leisure, or pleasure or past time. We may be drawn by our emotions when we meet someone, but we must be very careful with our feelings, especially us girls, we are very emotional, sweet words by guys can drive us to falling in love with them quickly, without really knowing that person well. Love is NEVER AN EMOTION, ITS ALWAYS BEEN, AND ALWAYS WILL BE A DECISION. Love is a game. And don't worry if you're single.. and all of your friends are not, and you feel pressured. well, don't. Because God is already preparing your love life in the future.

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