Riders Supporting 2018 Amendment Of Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Laws

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Over the last 9 years, the number of fines issued to car drivers for the use of mobile phones while driving has DOUBLED. Driver distraction is at an all time high.

There has been no amendment to the respective safe motorcycle exhaust noise levels in that time. Are motorcycle exhaust noise restrictions still stuck in a decade that is no longer relevant to our environment? If you say YES, sign this petition. 

We call for a revue of current restrictions to motorcycle exhaust levels that are preventing all motorcycle riders from being heard by the most distracted drivers this country has ever seen. 

In 2008, Qld Transport underwent a consultative process with motorcycle riders that resulted in new licensing laws that have had a positive impact on new rider accidents and fatalities. Now in 2018, we ask for consultation with regards to safe exhaust noise levels. Please show your support by signing and sharing.