Opposition to Asura Healthcare at 43rd Ave. and Juniper/Phoenix

Opposition to Asura Healthcare at 43rd Ave. and Juniper/Phoenix

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Geoff Brown started this petition to Neighborhood residents and property owners

As part of a request with the city of Phoenix (Z-66-20-1), we have learned that Asura Healthcare, LLC is seeking to rezone the 3.12 acres located at the southeast corner of 43rd Ave. and Juniper from C-O (Commercial Office) to C-1 (Neighborhood Commercial), allowing the space to be used as a 54-bed "Community Residence Center" for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Without a doubt, I have an appreciation for the work that Asura Healthcare is doing generally and I support the limited number of smaller, home-based residential treatment options already in the neighborhoods around the school. The primary difference here is the number of beds and the proximity to our school. In addition to the concerns that we have already communicated, working with the school's attorney, we have prepared a letter of opposition (read here).

Beyond my obvious concerns regarding such a facility adjacent to a school, I have concerns with the way that this rezoning process has unfolded:

  • The obligatory rezoning sign in front of the property is inaccurate and although these inaccuracies have been drawn to the attention of those involved, the errant sign remained in place until repeated requests were made to replace it.
  • Apparently, there was a "neighborhood meeting" on August 9th and the developer states that mandatory meeting notices were sent out. Northwest Christian School and Northwest Community Church never received such a notice and a public records request reveals the reason: the school and church addresses were omitted from the mailing list.
  • The school's objections to this rezoning request have been made public and our oppposition is part of the "Final Staff Report Z-66-20-1", but unfortunately, this report states that the "Staff Recommendation" is "Approval, with stipulations". Although our opposition is public and school contact information is provided (including my personal cell phone number), no attempt has been made by Asura Healthcare, LLC to reach out to the school to allay our concerns.
  • I have reached out via email and phone to the directors of the proposed facility and asked for additional information.  If they choose to respond, the responses have been demeaning and snide.  To date, we still lack any representation of security outside of verbal assurances.

As a product of these issues, I am inviting the community to reach out to those individuals steering this process and allow them to understand that you might also share my concerns.  There are three ways in which this can happen.

  1. Sign this petition.  In signing this petition, you are simply stating that the applicant has not handled this proposed rezoning well and as a result, you believe that, until these issues can resolved, you believe the rezoning application should be denied by the village planners.  In doing so, your support will be added to the existing support of the neighborhood associations around the facility.
  2. If you would like to contact these individuals, please send emails to the contact information below. Please feel free to 'cut and paste' any of the content from this email or its attachments within your emails:  Dr. John Gilliam, Medical Director, Asura Healthcare, LLC:  jsgilliam@msn.com; David Simmons, Paradise Valley & Deer Valley Village Planner, david.simmons@phoenix.gov; and, Grover Peters, Grover Consulting, groverconsulting@live.com.
  3. Attend the virtual Village Planning committee meeting on 10/14.  To secure the information regarding this meeting, please email David Simmons:   david.simmons@phoenix.gov

Geoff Brown, Northwest Christian School


(623)225-5573 (cell)


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!