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Support the DENIAL of the 4 beer store liquor licenses in Whiteclay, NE

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5 facts the proponents for Whiteclay, NE beer stores DON'T want you to know!

#1. The 4 Whiteclay beer stores sell 3.5 million cans of alcohol yearly in a town of 12! 
The vast majority of these beer sales are to residents of the dry Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, located a mere 200 feet from unincorporated Whiteclay. Businesses with liquor licenses have a legitimate claim to sell alcohol, but any prudent employee has the LEGAL responsibility to refuse to sell to any intoxicated individual. The predatory sales of alcohol in Whiteclay create more alcoholics than jobs. Millions of dollars are being made off an already impoverished population.

#2. A liquor license is a privilege, NOT a vested right!
Nebraska's own statutes (Neb.Rev.§53-101.01) clearly set specific guidelines for the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (NLCC) to enforce. On November 1, 2016 the NLCC voted 3-0 to require the 4 beer store owners of Whiteclay to submit to the "long form" liquor license renewal process. Consideration for public health, safety, and welfare helped the NLCC base their decision on growing reports that there is an inadequate law enforcement presence in Whiteclay.

#3. Adequate law enforcement does not exist in Whiteclay!
At a legislative hearing on October 11, 2016 one of the Sheridan County Commissioners was asked if there is "adequate resources to provide law enforcement in Whiteclay". He replied, "No, we absolutely do not." The local sheriff had made similar comments & the Governors’ task force made up of county commissioners, law enforcement, county attorney, mayor of Rushville and 2 beer store owners along with several other civic leaders, requested full time law enforcement citing the growing dangers in Whiteclay. The Nebraska legislature requires the NLCC to consider ten factors before issuing a liquor license [Neb.Rev.§53.132(3)]. Adequacy of existing law enforcement is one of the ten factors and that requirement is “absolutely” not being met in Whiteclay.

#4. Lawlessness in Whiteclay IS increasing!
A notable example of the lack of law enforcement is the unsolved murder of Sherry Wounded Foot. This young woman was brutally beaten unconscious in Whiteclay on August 5, 2016 and died three weeks later. Ms. Wounded Foot's death is the sixth unsolved homicide in this town of 12 over the past two decades. Her murder is currently under investigation. The rate of other crimes is on the rise as well; with trends showing an increase in assaults, property crimes, and larceny.

#5. The 4 beer stores in Whiteclay are a DRAIN on all Nebraska taxpayers!
It has been estimated that Whiteclay absorbs 20-35% of Sheridan County's law enforcement budget, but contributes less than 1% of the total county revenue. It is also costing Nebraskans millions in federal tax dollars, due to the lifelong care needed for the 25% of babies born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

The NLCC is scheduling a hearing in early April 2017 to determine if the 4 Whiteclay beer store liquor licenses should be reissued.

Please sign this petition and join the many Nebraskans across the state in asking the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission to DENY these liquor licenses in Whiteclay.

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