Parents need answers on Nebo District's policy on inappropriate employee/ student conduct.

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Many parents from Sierra Bonita and Santaquin Elementary are frustrated with the way that Nebo District has handled the information surrounding the arrest and continued employment of Adrian Villar at Santaquin Elementary. As parents and taxpayers we need answers as to why the parents of the victims were never informed of Mr. Villars misconduct (involving their children) by Nebo District, the details of Mr. Villar's relocation to Santaquin Elementary (while there were already clear policy violations involving being alone with children) and his continued employment at Santaquin Elementary, as well as explanations for the discrepancies of the timelines sent to parents by Nebo and the timelines provided by media and Spanish Fork Pd.

Please help parents get the much-needed answers from Nebo District by reviewing the letter addressed to Nebo District and by signing this petition.

Please take a second to review the letter below and if you agree with our concerns listed - PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION- in hopes to get our questions answered by Nebo District and prevent situations like this in the future.

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August 7, 2018

Nebo School District:                                                                                                  As parents of children who attend(ed) Santaquin Elementary in the Nebo School District, we are concerned and disappointed with how Nebo District handled the many incidents regarding the reports made by Janna Slye (tenured special ed. Instructor-Sierra Bonita) and Adrian Villar (current janitor for Santaquin Elementary). As new information continues to be released by media along with the scattered timelines emailed out by Nebo District many questions continue to arise as the “facts” put out by Nebo are contradictory and vague. After reviewing the only documentation available to parents (media reports, antidotal logs provided by Jana Slye, and in response to arrest the emailed timeline sent by Nebo District), as contributing taxpayers that fund Nebo District- we are owed answers to the following questions:

 1)      Why is Nebo District not being forthcoming with the details surrounding the internal audit that was supposedly performed? Understandably- we do not want details surrounding evidence that might tamper with the case of Mr. Villar's innocence or lack of- but just documentation with signatures showing that the proper reporting protocol and investigations were performed in a timely fashion? Please clear up which is the proper employee code of conduct- so that parents can review and know what the required reporting is on incidents involving their students.

 2)      What are the policies and steps in place to notify and provide support to the parents of situations that directly involve or impact their children? In this specific case- parents were not notified even after Mr. Villars arrest. Mr. Villar is still employed by Nebo as shown on the employee web page for Santaquin Elementary, which is concerning. With the evidence provided- it appears that there is enough evidence to terminate Mr. Villar regardless to the outcome of the trial questioning the sexual abuse of the two student victims -while Ms. Slye did not have irrefutable proof of any abuse or even a strong suspicion, she did witness (supported by the video surveillance of the hall which is being used as evidence in the trial) an inappropriate boundary invasion which is prohibited according to NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES SECTION G so why is he still employed by Nebo. Can Nebo district provide parents with justification for retaining an employee who had multiple violations of prohibited employee-to-student conduct?                                                                                                         A.      As parents of students that were put at risk due to Mr. Villars employment, we all are curious as to why we were not informed of the details involving the transfer Mr. Villar. Was it a required transfer due to the allegations made at Sierra Bonita?  Was Mr. Villar required to fill out an application to move to a new school and if so why did Nebo District allow his background check to clear while there was the code of conduct breaches? Was Mr. Argyle informed of the details encompassing Mr. Villars employment?  Was Mr. Argyle required to employee Mr. Villar at is school?  Due to the very nature of a school environment (which puts adults in a position of trust and influence over young children) paired with the sensitive matter of the codes of conduct that Mr. Villar broke- why did the District feel it appropriate to continue to have him work around kids- putting more innocent victims at risk for potential grooming instead of transferring him to district office where he would be working with adults?                                                                   

 3)      Most parents expect to be immediately notified when there is an incident involving their children that requires any type of questioning concerning dangerous or harmful situations. Why were the victim’s parents not notified right away?  What will be done to ensure that an employee won’t be vilified, demoted, and transferred for following up on his/her duty to report inappropriate actions of a fellow employee? What actions will the district take to restore Ms. Slye’s tarnished reputation and prior teaching status? Ms. Slye’s continued persistence in achieving a proper investigation should be commended, not discouraged.

 As taxpayers, parents, and part of a supporting community- the minimal amount of information being provided, along with the continued modifications to the information provided by Nebo to parents is extremely frustrating.  We are not looking to determine the innocence or guilt of Adrian Villar. As concerned parents, however, the blatant disregard for the sensitivity of these allegations are devastating.  We put the well-being of our children as our highest priority.  We rely on our school district and the individual school administration team to provide a safe environment for our children. What are you doing to rectify the errors that have been made? Are there changes being made to current policy that will allow for more transparency and lost trust to be regained? These questions need to be addressed without delay. We look forward to receiving your answers promptly.

 Sincerely,                                                                                                                The Concerned Parents of Santaquin Elementary Students