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Goverment to fix the NDIS gap for kids with no funding.

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Funding for early intervention.

Kids that have not been diagnosed with CP or a disability till after 1st April 2017 are being left with no funding till NDIS picks them up which at the moment could be June 2018. This means over 12 months with no access to funding. When a child needs speech therapy, OT therapy and physiotherapy every week at $150 for a 1hr session its very expensive $450 a week can break most familys weekly budget. 

Having no therapy for 12 months can be devastating for a childs development. 

By doing this im hoping it can be taken to parliament and they can help change this 12 month gap. 

We need as many signatures as possible to make this happen. 

This is not good enough we need to change this. It is not only my family being effected but thousand across Australia. 

We need to help these kids develop to there full potential and that wont happen without professional early intervention therapies.

I want my daughter to crawl, walk and talk and with out these these therapies that may not happen.

As parents we do all we can. Im trying to do all i can. Please sign.

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