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Live The Fourth & Reconsider Kairos

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To my brothers and sisters in Christ,

Any alumni that has attended Kairos would agree with me when I say that Kairos is an unforgettable, life changing retreat that has become a long lasting tradition within the halls of Nolan Catholic High School. The meaning of Kairos to many alumni is a point of conversion into the Catholic faith, the stepping stone into which one chose to live out their Catholic faith. For many alumni, Kairos has been the experience in which they first encountered Christ. 

For me and for many other alumni, attending Kairos was a part of my true conversion, where I encountered Christ. Kairos taught me how to daily choose Christ and when I chose Christ, I fell in love with Him. I learned how to wake up each morning and choose to live that day for Christ, to make a daily, conscience decision to not live for myself or for the world, but to live for Christ. I stopped living for the world and started living for the One who died for me. I also received an abundant amount of healing in afflictions in my past and in many relationships. Due to the impact Kairos had on me, I also decided to regularly attend the sacraments after this experience ended. This retreat changed my life. I fell in love with Christ on Kairos and I know I am not the only one. I can proudly say that without a doubt, if I did not attend Kairos, I would not be the Catholic I am today. I would not have went on to being a Catholic missionary for a year after graduation or a current student of Franciscan University of Steubenville if I did not receive the experience of this retreat. Although everyone who attended Kairos has a story of their own, we can all notice that this retreat changes lives and brings them towards Christ.

There are hundreds of testimonies from alumni that prove how attending Kairos greatly altered their relationship with Christ and with others around them. Many alumni are living proof that Kairos is an effective retreat in causing such beatiful encounters with Christ. Kairos has taught many alumni how to love, how to be loved, how to live authentically, how to seek a relationship with the Lord, how to pray, how to regularly attend the sacraments, how to have Christ centered relationships, how to seek forgiveness, how to forgive, how to seek healing, and how to see their self-worth in Christ. Along with these teachings, there are many other countless ways that Kairos has helped alumni grow in their faith. 

It is undeniable to say that Kairos has changed lives and can continue to do so. Kairos has helped many sons and daughters of Christ fall in love with Him and we, the alumni, believe that Kairos should have the chance to continue that love. Ending Kairos is like chipping off a piece of the heart of Nolan Catholic. It would never be the same especially for every future senior class. For the senior classes that attend Kairos, this retreat is the glue for the class. It is the thing that keeps the class together in community as each student becomes impatient when graduation is just around the corner. This retreat not only impacts spiritual lives, but also the Nolan Catholic community life. 

Kairos is like no other retreat. It is a special four days of spiritual growth that is completely worth everything. Kairos is such a strong tradition that it has currently brought so many alumni and current students together.  We have such a passion and love for this retreat. We simply can not just forget about this experience that holds dear to our hearts. Upon hearing the news that Kairos was cut from the retreat program, many alumni hearts were shattered in learning that current and future students would miss out on such a life altering experience. Alumni were filled with the Holy Spirit and inspired to act on this change because we strongly hope that the Lord does not want Kairos to end. We hope that the reason for Kairos ending is not due to any extreme circumstances, but we also hope in the knowledge that we know the Lord will provide if this is His will to continue Kairos. With all respect, we realize that it had to have been tough to come to this decision and we fully understand, but we can hope for a reconsideration. We desire for others to be given the chance to encounter Christ through this retreat just as we did. We, the alumni, current students, parents, and those within the Nolan Catholic community, politely request that those who have the power to please reconsider this decision, to continue  praying about this decision, and to hopefully bring back Kairos. We respect any ultimate decision that is made and pray that it is within God's will.

Through the intercession of Our Mother Mary, I and many others, will continue to pray that God's will may be done.


-Kayla Grace Chapman, NCHS Class of 2016, on behalf of all who petition

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