NCAA Eligibility for JBA Basketball players!

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The Junior Basketball Association was formed by the Big Baller Brand in 2018 to give young ballers a chance to achieve their Basketball hoop dreams. After less than a year it seems the JBA is being terminated due to a public financial dispute amongst the league's administrators and its primary sponsor the Big Baller Brand. 

The JBA featured 64+ young men who are now left in limbo. Many of them joined the league fresh out of high school, forgoing college based on a promise of exposure and guidance through the process of becoming professional athletes. These young men were promised opportunities to work within the brand in some capacity if their time in the league didn't result in them continuing to play professionally. 

These young men played a maximum of 11 games over a 3 month period during the summer of 2018. Like many other students who work summer jobs, these individuals were paid for their labor. However, they have potentially forfeited their college eligibility and a true chance to be professionals.

With this petition, we are asking the NCAA to grant these players a waiver allowing them to compete in the NCAA and continue their playing career en route to a college education and another shot to chase their hoop dreams.