North Carolina PTA should not have Mark Johnson as Keynote Speaker at the NCPTA conference

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We, the dues paying members of the North Carolina PTA, object to Mark Johnson speaking at the NCPTA Conference.  

Superintendent Mark Johnson is welcome to come and listen to panels, workshops, and parents.  However, due to his own past actions and in-actions he should not be given the privilege of addressing the convention.

While NCPTA stood strong and helped advocate for funding for a harmful class size mandate law, Mark Johnson's office had no comment.  Many stood up on a cold January weekend to speak out for funding our specialist teachers among other issues and even a past superintendent came by to say a few words.  Public Schools Forum and others put the class size mandate as the top education issue of 2018, yet our current superintendent was not only absent, but completely silent.  

Johnson claimed that he works for public schools behind closed doors, yet only weeks after the January Class Size Rally,  Mark Johnson was not just a participant but a speaker at a school choice rally during a school day.  

The PTA platform rejects the use of public funds for private schools.  While it does acknowledge Charters, it also sets clear guidelines.  These guidelines are not followed here in North Carolina, yet Mark Johnson has continually advocates for Charters and vouchers. 

The Superintendent has stood against advocates for better funding and even created a web site that has been criticized for misinformation.  It was only after public criticism did Mark Johnson advocate for more supply funding for his teacher supply app.  His proposal had no new funding and our many of our districts saw it as financially irresponsible.  

Please join me in asking that this official not be given a keynote role in the upcoming NCPTA conference, May 17 -18th 2019


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