Preventive, well being measures for health care in North Carolina and beyond

Preventive, well being measures for health care in North Carolina and beyond

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Roxanne Marinescu started this petition to NC GENERAL ASSEMBLY and

 Most of the health care facilities , in NC : community clinics, medical clinics , pain clinics do not offer a holistic model of care, that is research based, that takes into account Body-Mind and Soul and a multidisciplinary approach , as well as they do not offer preventive health care that is consistent , high standards,
through wellness programs , community wellness events, activities,
complementary therapies, one on one health and well being coaching and education, to support the community and chronic illness sufferers
to make sustainable healthy life changes , to heal from within and holistically .

*Their benefits of reducing costs, unnecessary sufferance ,re-occurrence of aggravations, acute episodes are well documented.

Schools in NC should offer a consistent and comprehensive research based holistic, health and wellness education to kids ranging from 1 through 12 grade through courses 1-12 , textbooks 1-12 and activities in a progressive level of difficulty.

 Community Medical Clinics, Medical Clinics, Doctors’ Offices and Hospitals should be required to have a Comprehensive , high standard , Research based Wellness and Preventive Health Care Department,

              To provide Wellness and Preventive Care through :

-Wellness Programs, Workshops, and Classes, 

  -Such as For Pregnant mothers and Expecting Families – on proper healthy nutrition , relaxation, stress management , occupational work hazards- such as stress, environmental toxic substances for the fetus , importance of breastfeeding, healthy child upbringing-

-Holistic Wellness based educational and support motivating & inspiring Groups for Chronic Categories,such as :

diabetes, hypertension and reversible cardiovascular conditions, cancer, mental conditions,... stress related conditions , weight balance, immune conditions ..,

-One on One Health and Well being Coaching , on a frequent basis - Weekly for chronic sufferers to motivate and inspire them on their own journey to healing 

All medical clinics, as part of their requirement for holistic care, to provide workshops and classes on holistic nutrition, healthy cooking , relaxation and stress management, relationship and emotional support, fitness - along other community centers and non profits. Patients , enrolled in a clinic, as a part of their medical care model, to be motivated, required to attend these activities that bring fun, intrigue and satisfy intellectual curiosity and sense of exploration. 

Holistic Health Coaches are cheap , effective and can be easily converted from the nursing staff positions. Over the phone consultations for coaching to be accepted. The patient will be able to choose the coach of his choice.

Holistic Health Coaches to offer support and basic counseling about nutrition, stress management and holistic lifestyle guidelines that take into account physical activity, nutrition, rest, relationships, stress level, sleep,... .
To be complemented per specific need , by Psychological , motivational coaches.
The focus of the healing process will be put on the client work , accountability, efforts and discipline and on the relationship with the coach.

Complementary medical services , culturally specific, to be available and covered the same like traditional ones, such as herbology, aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, ayurveda, functional medicine as an option to western medicine or in completion of it, by all medical clinics, as per patient choice. Their costs therefore , based on the demand will decrease.

Most of the long term and rehab facilities in NC ( exception those for rich families/clients) that are funded by Medicare and other federal programs, do not offer healthy environments, wellness programs for their clients and should not be passed their annual inspections from Medicare and other federal sponsoring programs.

In order to pass their Federal Medicare annual inspection, nursing homes, rehab and long term facilities should be required to provide healthy environments for their residents that encourage walking and good quality of life, provide assistants to assist residents with walking, offer wellness classes of physical activity and stretching, good quality food.( that includes holistic food and less processed) .

At this time , nursing homes that are accredited in NC ( with the exception of those for rich people) do not provide sufficient walking assistance for patients with walking difficulties or weakened , do not have a right environmental and architectural design with enough walking pathways and benches around them, do not provide wellness classes , offer bad quality food and push for an increased amount of pharmacy on elderly that are sensitive and vulnerable .

In order to become prepared on how to protect the wellness and health of their employees and customers, businesses with employees in NC should train annually with basic research based education and get certified on holistic wellness and health  of their customers and employees .

Education and certification to be offered by accredited academic programs, institutions , specialized in wellness and preventive public health. These educational programs will be tailored according to that business industry, specific field, location, amount of employees,...

All businesses in NC including small and big corporations should be required to adopt protective wellness measures for their customers and employees,

to get advised by wellness consultants and adopt wellness programs in order to:
–step 1 – do not harm the health of their customers and employees
-step 2- promote wellness. It Tools for wellness promotion will be encouraged.

At this time small businesses and even chain corporations get away with not having wellness programs and not offering wellness services for their employees.

Therefore, there are many NC companies who do not respect occupational up to date guidelines, to protect human health -consequently there are occupational illnesses occurring at work ,within these companies, and not documented as such, as back pains and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Companies who by their services, decisions and products affect human health, including child health , directly or indirectly such as :

food stores, household items stores, state organizations, mass media, environmental legislating organizations
should annually get trained and certified by academic institutions /programs with :    up to date research based basic wellness and health education on human well being with specific on their industry.

There is no difference between a nurse which work affects thousands of patients and a food store, TV Channel or a polluting business which products, services affects thousands of customers- the nurse is required to get renewal education but the food store, a household items store,  a polluting business , a TV channel not.

Then how we as a society can influence what services and products will go on the market- if they are damaging the public health or not?

The same with the legislating bodies, who regulate the amounts of pollution of air, water , soil and environment, as well as other polluting businesses. They need to get renewal education on human  health and well being.

If they are not educated enough, if they are not aware enough , if they do not care enough and do not release laws to regulate pollution of air, water , soil, environment , the children are affected ,all the community is affected.

These changes need to happen Now- If these institutions do not comply we will follow them legally, if they continue to not support community health, do not offer the quality of care needed ,  due to many lost lives , illness occurrences, recurrences, aggravations, poor quality of life and of care and violation of human rights to dignified healthy living .


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!