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Remove Mike Milbury from on-air role with NBC Sports

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For almost a decade, Mike Milbury has done NBC, NBC Sports, and the NHL a great disservice while serving as an on-air talent for NHL broadcasts on the NBC Sports Network. Mr. Milbury has displayed unacceptable conduct in his current role as well as in previous roles held. 

Mr. Milbury has on many occasions, attacked the character of individuals, with his bias and unjust opinions being broadcast live to the United States. Most recently, Mr. Milbury attacked the character of  Nashville Predators' defenseman, P.K. Subban. In this particular situation, Mr. Subban was dancing during a pregame warm up. Mr. Milbury's reaction was to state on live television, that Mr. Subban was a "clown" and he deserved a "rap on the head." Completely uncalled for. In another situation surrounding the 2016 NHL All-Star game, Mr. Milbury turned his negative attention to John Scott, who Mr. Milbury felt was wrongfully selected to the play in this All-Star game. Mr Milbury, on many occasions attacked the character of Mr. Scott, again using his position as an on-air talent unjustly to deface Mr. Scott's name. Mr. Scott was selected to play in this game by NHL fans, the same fans in which Mr. Milbury is supposed to be entertaining. Instead, Mr. Milbury has become a villian, a man with no regard for other people and no regard in particular to the fans of the NHL. NHL fans no longer wish to be forced to see and listen to Mr. Milbury on NHL broadcasts, fed up with his defamation of character tendencies, and overall lack of any substance contributed to the broadcast. Mr. Milbury's verbal attacks are spineless and unacceptable and we are tired of him having this platform to share his heavily bias and unpopular opinions. Mr. Milbury himself, is infamous to the hockey world as a man who attacked a fan with a shoe and destroyed a once proud NHL franchise with his inept decision making. Mr. Milbury was given a second chance to redeem himself from his prior life's decisions with his position in broadcasting, unfortunately it is now time for that to come to a close.

Mr Jon Miller, as the President of NBC Sports, we call on you to remove Mr. Milbury from his perch. In the world of broadcasting, even broadcasting of hockey in particular, there are many more insightful and valued men and women who can hold this position and perform it at a much higher level. Mr. Milbury and his shtick need to go. Your viewers deserve so much better.

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