NBC's ED Needs to be Available on DVD or Streaming Platform

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ED was a television series that ran for 4 seasons (2000-2004) on NBC.  Despite being sold into syndication, the show has never been released on DVD (mainly due to music rights).  Longtime fans of the series would love to see it finally made available on DVD/BluRay and/or brought to a streaming platform.  A great place to start would be the Throwback section of NBC's own website/mobile app.  If the show were watched enough on its own platform, perhaps it would be an incentive to pursue a larger platform such as Netflix or Hulu (or an ad-supported site like Crackle or TubiTV) where ED could reach a wider audience and perhaps gain a new generation of fans! Although I supect many fans would be equally as excited if the series were finally released on DVD (or digitally available for purchase somewhere like iTunes or Amazon or Vudu).  We just want you to know that even though its been more than 10 years, this show still has a large fan base that would love to have the chance to watch it all over again!