Convince NBC to sell Dateline merchandise!!!

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We LOVE Dateline. We love Dateline so much that we started a Dateline podcast, and we love it so much that we would never kill it for its life insurance. There are lots of others who love Dateline as much as we do, and we've all noticed a CRIMINAL lack of Dateline merchandise for sale on NBC's website, except for two crappy mugs. Dateline LOVES its fans and is kind enough to sporadically send out fun merch surprises to fans, like blankets, magnets, socks, etc. The problem is that not all fans are on social media, or some maybe don't share their deep love of Dateline with their online followers, preferring to keep their passion to themselves, like a smoldering love affair that leads to murder. But they still want the merch to wear in the privacy of their home next to their life-size leaning cut-out of Keith Morrison, whilst wearing their white Andrea Canning pants and their Josh Mankiewicz hanky (Dennis Murphy is enough, he doesn't need a "thing"). Let the people buy Dateline merch! TAKE OUR MONEY, NBC! With our Dateline merch, we will truly be loving life and will light up every room we enter.

P.S. While this is clearly the most important cause on, there are other causes that matter too. After you sign this, maybe go sign some petitions that save animals, help Puerto Rico, and get rape kits tested. Those things are almost as important as Dateline merch.