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Ban Zaza Pachulia From The NBA

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FACT: Zaza Pachulia has a history of playing dirty in the NBA and has now injured a future Hall-of-Famer in a critical time leading toward the coveted championship.

When you mention the current "Greats" of the NBA, three names rise to the top: LeBron James, Stephen Curry and...Kawhi Leonard. Of course, the exact order is open to discussion but you get the idea.

Beyond just this series and the recent play in question, Mr. Pachulia's type of play sets a dangerous precedent for the future generation of basketball players. If he is not banned, it sends a mixed, if not clear, message to young players that "dirty" and sloppy play is justified and goes without punishment in the NBA. It says that a lower-level player can, by physical and illegal play, even-out the playing field with a player who is universally praised as one of the best in sports as a whole. If the Spurs go on to lose the series, there is no question that the play we witnessed, in which Kawhi Leonard was injured and removed from a critical game, will go down as one of the "dirtiest" in play-off history.

Mr. Commissioner, if there were ever a time to send every player (current and future) in your organization a message, THIS is it. I believe even most prudent Golden State fans realize that beating the opponent by "sweeping the knee" (ankle in Kawhi's case) of their best player is far from honorable sportsmanlike conduct.

I hope you will do the right thing Mr. Commissioner.

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