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Preserving children’s park & playground area adjoining CQAL & Defence Layout, SahakarNagar

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  1. An Indoor stadium and club is being constructed in children’s park & playground area adjoining CQAL Layout & Defence Layout, Sahakar Nagar (Kodigehalli ward 8).
  2. This children’s park & playground area is the only lung space available in the entire neighbourhood, which is safe for the kids in the area to play and exercise.
  3. The Indoor stadium & club being built will be available only for residents who can afford and not to all classes residing in Sahakar Nagar.
  4. The indoor stadium & club would provide limited options for the children to play and expecting all of them to have a common interest is not practical.
  5. To arrive at this decision, only people with conflict of interests were taken into confidence. Neither the common public was consulted, nor were their opinions taken into consideration before arriving at this decision.
  6. There is no transparency in the implementation of this project. There is no plan on how the benefit is being transferred to the residents, no mention of how the Indoor stadium will be operated once it is built, and how the residents will be charged. The Rs. 6 crore so stated as being allocated does not state the source of the fund. There is no MoU that is signed with BBMP on the transfer rights.
  7. For effective use of the space by the children and people of all classes from this locality,  it is essential to keep the above mentioned area open & free of any construction.
  8. Our suggestion is to leave this space open as is with the boundary fencing raised to about 20 feet, and level the ground for people to play field/outdoor sports like football, hockey , cricket, kabaddi. Some portion of area can be reserved for young children to plan.
  9. Many residents make use the space where the indoor stadium & club is being planned, during mornings and evenings, for jogging and playing various outdoor sports. They would be deprived of this facility which comes free of cost to all classes & communities of people in the area.
  10. Several Civic Amenities earmarked in the Sahakar Nagar area has been encroached upon. Other open spaces in A block under the high tension lines are not safe for the children to play. Moreover, most of the play areas have been commercialised. Also, these areas are not open for all the children in area.
  11. The indoor stadium & club is being contemplated by people with vested interests and is not in the interest of the residents of the locality. There are people who have been trying to encroach the only open space in Sahakar Nagar for building a club and commercialise.  There are already multiple clubs in the area which affluent people can use. The indoor stadium & club should not be built at the cost of depriving children and people of their basic rights to use public areas free of cost.
  12. There is no rational behind building the indoor stadium & club at this location. The residents pay huge taxes to benefit everyone in the neighbourhood, irrespective of class & creed. The government deciding to benefit influential residents is highly condemnable.

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