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"Implement The Death Penalty Act"

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As a proud mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, sister, grandmother, and an indigenous member of the Navajo Nation Tribe, I am writing this petition to urge you and your colleagues to write a new Bill – a Bill that would mandate heavier sentencing to criminals on their first offense against a minor. In addition to this new Bill, it’s time for Navajo Nation to back the Federal Death Penalty Act, to support and allow capital punishment. As holistic traditional people we hold our traditions, values, and customs sacred, and that should include protecting our children. Besides fighting a war against terrorism and defending our homeland, it’s time for us to make it a mission to fight for Justice for our children. We cannot continue to allow criminals on native land to kill, and to have the freedom to live among us, we need to hold these criminals accountable for their actions. It is not, and never has been in our tradition to kill children and by all means not the Navajo Way of Life, and by continuing to oppose the Death Penalty Act, these horrendous crime and acts of violence against our children continue.

With an outpouring of deep concern from many nations, we ask the Navajo Nation to make changes in the Criminal Justice System, and to allow our people and all Indigenous Nations, throughout the United States to update old laws of the Criminal Justice System through Congress and the Legislature.  

This updated new law will protect our indigenous children and communities from acts of violence against them. Every year children are reported as victims of: physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, and even death, and those are only the ones that have been reported. I’m writing on behalf of parents throughout Indigenous Nations and plead for stricter laws regarding violence against our future generation. Many of the crimes committed, in violence or other incidents do not receive as much attention from the media, but take our children’s lives just the same, and to the survivors scarring them for life. Our children’s lives are at stake and we need to take legal action to protect them. I know that it’s imperative to keeping our children safe, and hold at bay these dangerous criminals who are full of rage, abuse, and violence, who rob the innocence of our children. We need action, to stop, to end, to curb these horrific crimes and domestic violence on Tribal Land. We need Laws that will hold the perpetrator accountable for their actions on their first offense against a child, these criminal often become repeat offenders and are released back into society. We need to remedy this problem as soon as possible by executing more legal actions against perpetrators. There are laws that have been passed by Congress that protect criminals and we need to extend the same type of protection to American Indian children who are victims of abuse, assault and death.

On May 02, 2016, my children Ian Mike and Ashlynne Mike were kidnapped on the Navajo Nation. The outcome of this kidnapping was tragic and resulted in the death of my 11-year old daughter Ashlynne Mike, and my 9-year old son survived by escaping the hands of the kidnapper.

I am a mother, and my one job that truly has meaning in my life is loving my children unconditionally, and to help keep them safe. I believe we are people who stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. We have the power to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn to grow, and to make their voices heard. Our children are priceless treasures given to us from the Holy Ones and it is our God given responsibility to safeguard them, and it is also in our conviction that we protect the welfare of our indigenous children.

I would like to thank the 23 Navajo Nation Council for their letter of condolence as this hits home right here on Navajo land. As a mother, I plead to the Navajo Nation Washington Office, Russell Begaye President of the Navajo Nation, and the Legislative Branch of the Navajo Nation to act swiftly to implement a new Law and the Federal Death Penalty Act.

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