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Sarah Smith started this petition to Nauroze Anees


On the 02/03/2020 Nauroze Anees Won his Appeal in the Full Federal Court of Australia, by a Unanimous Judgement of all Three Judges 


On the 05/03/2020 The Australian Human Rights Commission, in it's Report to the Federal Parliament, Decalred that:


1) Nauroze's Detention by Commonwealth of Australia is Arbitrary

2) Australia Arbitrarily Interfered with Nauroze's Family unit in Breach of International Convent on Civil & Political Rights 

3) Recomended that the Minister of Immigration uses his s195a Powers to Release Nauroze from Arbitrary Detention

4) Commonwealth Ombudsman's Mandatory 2 Yearly Report into Nauroze's Detention was tabled in the Federal Parliament by Minister Alan Tudge on 24/08/2020

(Albeit the Report was a couple of years late, as Nauroze is now in my 5th calender year of #ArbitraryDetention)

Commonwealth Ombudsman was advised by IHMS that: "(Nauroze) Recieved treatment for complex physical & mental health concerns"

& Ombudsman stated that Nauroze's prolonged detention poses a "Significant risk to his health & welfare"

Commonwealth Ombudsman recommended that Minister Alan Tudge places Nauroze in Community

Minister Alan Tudge had agreed to that Recommendation, that Nauroze's Case will be assessed for community placement & if it meets s195AB, will be sent to Minister Jason Wood for approval

But Nauroze is still being kept in #ArbitraryDetention, without a Release Date

Sign this Petition & Demand that Minister Alan Tudge, respects the Judgement of the Full Federal Court, uses his s195a Powers to release him from Arbitrary Detention, and let him go to his home of Melbourne.





Nauroze Anees has been arbitrarily in indefinite Immigration Detention in Australia since 05/10/2016.
He is a Pakistani National, with an Australian partner.

The Department of Home Affairs has in the past recommended that the Minister release him on a visa; the Minister continues to detain Mr Anees arbitrarily, in violation of Mr Anees's human rights.
Mr Anees has displayed incredible determination in detention, blowing the whistle on sexual assaults by guards, and departmental corruption. For this, he has been threatened with deportation, and has his medication repeatedly withheld.
While Nauroze Anees is in the 'care' of the Department he has exposed, his safety is in constant and immediate danger.
I ask you to please sign this petition and support us in our efforts to #FreeNauroze.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!