A call for a boycott on Dawn of Titans events

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Dear Natural Motion

We the Dawn of Titans community will boycott this week’s event (Ragnar Hunt) and all other leaderboard events until the following issues are addressed:

·         Events are increasingly becoming shorter and soul requirements are higher. The cost therefore to the individual player is becoming higher. The community feels like it is undervalued and being squeezed for profit.

·         Coupled with that, titan skill rolls are random. This may mean players can spend well over a hundred pounds for top rewards in an event for a titan which is sub-par. We welcome the efforts of the developers to remove triple skilled titans, but this does not address the root issue. Which is that we are effectively buying something without seeing it first. The solution to this is either:

1)      To have fully fixed skills for a titan during a particular event (those skills can and should change if the titan is reintroduced in later events)

2)      To enable players to re-roll skills for no cost

·         Equalise or at least improve the odds in the temple. This should apply to both event boost relics and titans. Ideally there should be an equal chance of rolling a 1-4* (for relics) or 2-4* (for titans). At the very least, the odds should be improved significantly from their current level.

These are the key issues we have over events. A growing number of players have joined a Line chat to coordinate boycotts to upcoming events. As word spreads, the number of people who share these common dissatisfactions with the game will join that forum, and you will notice a significant decrease in revenue. This petition will also be circulated to Zynga and Zynga shareholders if the issues aren’t addressed.

This petition was born out of a love of this game. We are all deeply committed players who have been immersed in this game from the start. The graphics, gameplay and concept are second to none in the world of mobile gaming. We hope that you will take our recommendations on board and that the game will grow into something better than its current form.

Yours sincerely,

The DOT community

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