NATO to End Slavery in Libya

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Whatever your stance on the issue, after NATO's involvement in the Libyan conflict it cannot be denied that the country was left in turmoil as NATO provided no aid to civilians after the airstrikes and after the fall of their government. The country has since descended into chaos. It is now a top producer of refugees worldwide and is a terrorist hotspot. The latest problem is that a vicious slave trade has begun. This is simply unacceptable in the world we live in today and is an extreme violation of human rights.

Many believe that the Libyan government isn't doing enough to stop this. But how can they solve it, when there is barely a government left to begin with? and the few people they do have, cannot control the many rebel groups in Libya? 

I am calling on NATO to take action to end the slave trade in Libya. It is the least they can do after obliterating Libya and leaving it with no aid, and leaving the civilians to be tortured and killed by terrorist groups, or drown in the seas trying to flee their country to places that don't want them. It is NATO's responsibility to take action.

Please support me in this campaign. Let's make slavery a thing of the past. 

Here's an article if you wish to read more on this issue: