Nationwide Boycott of Trump and Koch Brothers Products.

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Nationwide Boycott of Trump and Koch Brothers Products.

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Trump and his associates do not care how many of us protest on the streets and at the airports.  They could care less.

Here is how we can bring them to their knees:  To propose a nationwide boycott on all consumer products related to them.  

We call on a nationwide boycott on all Trump entities.  

Also, a nationwide boycott on Koch brothers products.  Koch brothers created the Tea Party, and therefore led to a voter base that voted for Donald Trump.  We can boycott Koch brothers related products such as Dixie cups and paper plates, Brawny, Angelsoft, and more.  Please check the list of products at the bottom of this page.

We will keep updating the list of products and companies associated with all tyrants.

You can protest any time of the day by boycotting products, and cutting funds to entities that are harming us.  My dollar, my vote.  

Please join us on a nationwide boycott 

Thank you.  Sending you love and peace.


Koch Brothers Products List:

-American Greetings

-Angel Soft

-Angel Soft Ultra

-Brawny paper towels

-Dixie products

-Insulair cups

-Mardis Gras napkins

-Perfect Touch cups, paper products

-Quilted Northern

-Sparkle paper towels

-Vanity Fair napkins & paper towels

-Zee Napkins

-Georgia-Pacific Office products

-Spectrum paper

-Georgia-Pacific's enMotion paper towel dispenser

-Georgia-Pacific's engineered lumber INVISTA Brands

-INVISTA’s PET polymer is used in oxygen-sensitive packaging for food and beverages.

-ADI-PURE® Adipic Acid

-ANTRON® Carpet Fiber

-C12™ Intermediates


-COOLMAX® Fabric

-CORDURA® Fabric

-DACRON® Fiberfill

-DYTEK® Idea Intermediates

-FLEXISOLV® Solvent Solutions

-LYCRA® Fiber

-LYCRA HyFit® Fiber

-OXYCLEAR® Barrier Resin



-SENZAA™ Additive


-SUPPLEX® Fabric


-TACTEL® Fiber

-TECGEN® Garments

-TERATE® Polyols

-TERATHANE® Polyether Glycol

-TERRIN™ Polyols


-TORZEN® PA66 Resin

Koch Fertilizer Company's AGROTAIN® 



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This petition had 20 supporters

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