Enforce .68 caliber size controls for paintballs

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Modern paintball as we know it has been designed around the 0.68 caliber projectile.  From the markers to barrels, we use this size as our standard for what a paintball should be.  However over the past few years, paint size has started to shrink.  Now there are balls being sold (still under the guise of .68 caliber) that are smaller than .675 and even .670 in some cases.  While paintballs are susceptible to shrinkage/swelling due to temperature, the consistent decrease in size is due to manufacturing.

As consumers in the paintball industry, this is unacceptable.  Many players who have been around the sport for some time reminisce about a time where paint was better.  The balls were larger, they left a better mark, and often would seem to fly truer.  Our equipment is designed around .68 caliber, and paint that is sized smaller negatively impacts performance.  Many players now are in support of limited paint format games where players carry 500 paintballs maximum onto the field.  Since the size of loaders and pods is fairly standardized, smaller bore paint could allow one team to carry more balls onto the field thus imposing an unfair advantage.

We the players pledge to act with our wallets, and buy paint that meets the .68 caliber size.  We will not support manufacturers that continue to make unsatisfactory sized paint.  If a box of paint is advertised as .68 caliber (barring inclement weather) the paint should be that size.  

You, as manufacturers and league owners need to enforce an accepted tolerance of paint size from 0.680 to 0.689 caliber.

How can you as a player help?

  • Call manufacturer reps if the paint is an unsatisfactory size
  • Take pictures and videos showing the unsatisfactory sized paint
  • Do not buy paint that is of an unsatisfactory size
  • If you play at a "field paint only" field, talk to the owners

We have the ability to make a change for the better of our beloved sport!

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