Bring in the NWSL All-Star Game

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All-Star games are a part of most major sports. A way to see the best of the best in that league square off against each other on two super teams.

Some leagues, like Major League Baseball, put some importance on the game by using it to award home field advantage in the World Series. Some leagues, like the National Football League, use it to give their players a vacation to Hawaii each year.

For the purposes of making two all-star teams, I’ve decided to split the NWSL into “East” and “West.” And while I use “West” loosely, there are few better ways to get two groups of 5 teams that make sense.

East Teams: North Carolina, Sky Blue, Washington, Orlando

West Teams: Chicago, Houston, Portland, Seattle, Utah

There are may ways to pick two all-star teams from these two groups. But before teams can be picked there must be coaches. The simplest way I’ve found is to use the coaches from the top-ranked teams in each of the two “conferences” created for the all-star game. 

Once you have the “conferences” and the coaches, it’s time to create the rules. I’ve gone with a set that limits the number USWNT and international players to try to give a platform to players who have been outstanding in the NWSL.

1) There will be 18 players on each team: 2 goalkeepers and 16 field players.

2) Each of the 10 teams must have at least 1 player represented.

3) No team may have more than 4 players represented.

4) No team may have more than three current USWNT players.

4a) A current USWNT player is one who was named to the 18 person Olympic roster.

5) No team may have more than three current international national team players.

5a) A current international national team player is one who was named to the 18 person Olympic roster for their country.

5b) If a player plays for a national team that did not make the Olympics they do not take up an international spot

6) The NWSL will be broken up into “East” and “West” conferences, from which the all-star teams will be formed.

6a) East Teams: Boston, Sky Blue, Washington, Orlando, North Carolina

6b) West Teams: Chicago, Utah, Houston, Portland, Seattle

7) The game shall be 90 minutes with two 45 minute halves.

7a) If the game is tied after 90 there will be 30 minutes of extra time split in to two 15-minute halves.

7b) If the game is still tied after both halves of extra time, the game will go to penalty kicks.

8) There can be up to 7 substitutions.

What do you guys think that we should have an NWSL All-Star Game? If so, please sign this petition.

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