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The residents living in front of the last remaining patch of wilderness found at Sungei Ulu Pandan, are extremely concerned for the latest N-Parks proposal for the development of an additional Park Connector corridor along the opposite bank of the canal. Such a proposal will severely disrupt the last surviving oasis of wildlife, many of which include unique and exotic birds, reptiles, mammals and countless other animals.  This patch of forest serves as a source of food and shelter for these animals.

By cutting tall trees and access to the river we will lose:

  • Exotic Birds such as the Fishing Eagle - an existing family of around 8 members live there frequently photographed by Eagle enthusiasts.
  • Nesting grounds for Monitor Lizards and inquisitive local Otters – several existing groups have been observed.
  • A much needed buffer from the noise, light and air pollution generated by the recently built bus depot.

An image album hosting an array of different species of animals that this patch of forest sustains can be viewed here:


To preserve the area we propose to slightly alter the already proposed N-Parks development - by building two bridges that can be easily linked to the existing park connector (Fig. 1). The proposed solution uses existing infrastructure while preserving the beauty of the nearby wildernesses. Moreover, this proposal will enhance the usage of the existent park connector so that citizens can enjoy their daily trips, whilst observing and admiring this small oasis of wildlife.


Fig. 1: A proposed two-bridge solution to allow the preservation of the green shade area. Proposal slightly alters the already proposed National Parks new park connector stretch.

Finally, residents from places like Waterfront @ Faber, Faber Crest and nearby HDB blocks will greatly benefit from having a raw piece of nature in front of all of us. In fact, we love it very much. Moreover, there are literally hundreds of visitors that come to observe the wildlife that this patch of nature sustains like:

  • bird and otter watchers
  • amateur photographers
  • nature lovers

Our children will also benefit tremendously from this by having a natural laboratory in which their curiosity and love for nature and animals can be nurtured and developed. Children growing up caring for animals and nature make good citizens that are more likely to preserve our beautiful world for generations to come.


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