Stop Ocean Pollution!

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      Animals are getting killed more and more by ocean pollution and it should be stopped! Animals mistake plastic for food and are dying. Air pollution like burning fossil fuels kills marine animals. Human activity is a big cause and chemicals.

     1.4 billion pounds of trash per year enter the ocean. Animals will then eat trash mistaking it for food. When humans are out on boats they are killing animals with the sounds of the boat engines, animals need to hear so they can find food. Think about it, you are killing animals even if you didn't know it.

     Air pollution is killing marine animals. Burning fossil fuels affects the ocean big time. Oil Spills will kill animals also. "Carbonate levels go down when acidity levels go up." "Within that transition is the recognition of the shared ethos we have to help improve our environment and not to just help the present but to help the future. The line isn’t a straight line, it’s a process of continual improvement."

     Human activity is a big cause of ocean pollution. When humans are doing activities on the coastline they are pushing trash into the ocean. Ocean pollution isn't just a threat to marine animals it's also a threat to humans. Toxic chemicals are entering the ocean and air.  Too much nitrogen and phosphorus can cause the growth of algae and marine debris injuries and kills marine animals.

     There are many ways ocean pollution is a threat but natural resources can help everything in the ecosystem. Animals are getting killed more and more by ocean pollution. Think about it by the end of this century water will be nearly 150% more acidic then it is now. Everyone can make a change! 

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