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Stop NOAA from murdering stranded Humpback Whales

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In the past six years, NOAA has murdered two baby Humpback whales grounded on the East End of Long Island.

Despite community desire to free the whales, NOAA has made it federally illegal for anyone to help an endangered species and then murdered the endangered species without making any effort to dig free, tow or release the whales.

Considering that both of these whales were also female, the crime is doubly severe.

NOAA has endangered the Humpback whale species far more than any efforts local authorities and people could have.

We, the people, petition the federal government to allow the local community and authorities of Long Island to protect endangered species within our jurisdiction without making it a federal crime.

The people, fishermen, coast guard and marine scientists of Long Island want to be able to legally dredge, dig out, tow and/or use any other means that we may invent to save whales grounded on our shores without federal interference.

NOAA may advise but it should no longer be legal to prevent local people from acting on behalf of grounded whales, which is not in the best interest of these endangered species or our community. If the federal government will not or cannot rescue a grounded whale, the federal government MUST allow local communities to act on behalf of these creatures.

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