Plea for fair inquiry and reforms for critically sick children

Plea for fair inquiry and reforms for critically sick children

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Started by Syed Mahmood

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The family of Rashid M. Abbasi, a consultant physician working for the National Health Service and Dr. Aliya Abbasi needs your attention and support.
They were physically and forcibly removed, fallen to the floor and Rashid was arrested from the bedside of his dying six year old daughter last year. Their crime, differing with the medical treatment of their critically ill daughter. Their desire to keep their baby alive.

Mr Abbasi, who has worked in the NHS for more than 30 years, had his legs and ankles strapped together and was wheeled away from his daughter Zainab on a trolley. His wife Aliya, a former doctor, was grabbed from behind, pulled from the bedside and fell backwards on to the floor of the hospital ward screaming.

The heavy handed, brutal, forced down and inhuman treatment of Rashid and his wife is unimaginable in this day. It exposes the health care delivery system. It brings forth their lack of empathy. Is the system in any way equal for all sick babies and their families. In this we hope not any family ever endures this.

Rashid himself has a long standing history with serious heart disease and eventually suffered another heart attack.
Please support Dr. Rashid Abbasi and his family by demanding a fair inquiry into the incidents and eventual reforms so similar incidents do not repeat and hurt other babies and families dealing with end of life care. Parents and families deserve to have a say, receive empathy and support while dealing with end of life issues for their young children.
How can  professional health care providers subject a grieving family with this degree of assault and trauma. Their baby daughter is handed a sentence to terminal wean, Mom and Dad are wrenched from her bedside as she is holding his fingers while her brother is looking on.


58,487 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!