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Stop animal testing

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Although over 100 million animals are being burned, paralyzed, poisoned, and abused in U.S labs every year, people are still testing drugs on them. In this presentation I will be telling you why animal testing should be illegal.

First of all animal abuse is illegal so why is animal testing still legal? According to “ Intentional Animal Cruelty is defined as: “commits an act to any animal which results in the cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction of unnecessary pain or suffering.” This is a 3rd Degree Felony with a fine up to $10,000 or imprisonment up to 5 years.” In this definition it says the intentional animal cruelty is illegal. When you are testing drugs on animals it is intentional. Also in this definition it states “results in cruel death, or excessive or repeated infliction.” When testing animals, over 100 million animals die each year. Those animals experienced cruel death .

My second point is, animals are very different from humans. This makes them poor test subjects. The anatomical, cellular, and metabolic differences between animals and humans are so high that it makes animals poor test subjects. Up to 90% of animals used in United States labs are not counted in the official statistics of animals tested, because 92% of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous and/or don’t work. For example, in the 1950’s the sleeping pill thalidomide, that was tested on animals and found safe, made 10,000 babies be born with deformities.

     Thirdly, animal tests are more expensive than alternative methods. Some alternative methods include stem cell and genetic testing, in vitro (test tube) testing  and models based on human cell and tissue cultures, etc. Also, they are a waste of the government’s research funds. The government spends $16 billion on animal testing. 60% of that money comes from taxpayers, and the other 40% comes from the support of National Institutes of Health (NIH). This $16 billion could go towards less taxes or nonprofit organizations that need government funding.

My 4th and last point is an alternative method. Instead of testing drugs on animals and getting 92% false results, we could actually test on real humans. This may sound cruel, but we would not test drugs on any person. We could test them on prisoners that volunteer to be tested that have been sentenced to the death penalty. This could give them a chance to help their family finically before they die.  With doing this the government could save lots of money.

In conclusion, animal testing should be illegal. Firstly, animal testing is abuse, and animal abuse is illegal. There for animal testing should be illegal. Also 92% of drugs tested safe on animal are unsafe for humans, which means close to all animal tests are inaccurate. Finally the government is spending $16 billion for animal testing where they could be spending way less for alternative methods. One alternative method could be testing the drugs on  volunteering prisoners sentenced with the death penalty and save lots of money. Thank you!

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