Bring back NFYFC Blackpool AGM

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In a recent decision by the NFYFC council the decision was made for Blackpool AGM to be ended. The annual event in which thousands of members met up, partied and created many many memories stripped from the Young Farmers community. 

Spoiled in 2018 by videos circulating of a small minority of members (who have since had their memberships revoked) attacking cars and so on. This is a very small minority of Young Farmers and doesn’t represent us as a collective. We strive to be the best we can and respect people around us including members of the public when we are at Young Farmer events. 

As the levy is increasing and memberships aren’t as well to match; this will effectively have a negative impact on the membership numbers as it’s the one event many people are apart of Young Farmers for! With many Young Farmers also working hard and not seeing friends as often as they would like it was the one chance for them to leave work behind and create memories! 

One of the great things about AGM is that many people travelled to the event in ways which would raise money for charity! Including Cornwall YFCs WotNot expedition; one of ways in which we raised thousands for charity each year; one of the things I looked forward to experiencing. At the end of the expedition was what every member looked forward too, AGM. How will taking away AGM effect this? 

Though I never made it to Blackpool or Torquay myself it was an event I had been so looking forward to being able to attend when I turned 18 along with many others. Blackpool and Torquay have both said they would be happy for us to go back and do this event so why take it away? I’m sure many members would prefer to pay extra to ensure a smooth running of the event with more security and policing then to never have the event again as well.