Stop captivating dolphins in Jamaica

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  This petition is to stop the captivation of dolphins at Puerto Seco Beach and to educate the Jamaican people. The captivation of wild animals is simply inhumane. Majority of Jamaicans are not properly educated as to the adverse effects of the captivity of animals. Dolphins are amazing animals and should be left in the wild unless injured in which case they can not fend for themselves in the deep blue. Captivating a dolphin means controlling them by food.

    Marine parks must replenish their supply of dolphins (since their life expectancy is half of what it would be in the wild). In addition to hurting or killing the dolphins during the capture, these kidnappings have terrible effects on the pods of wild dolphins. Dolphins are hyper-social animals, and their entire lives can be spent mourning for the loss of a single member. Taking a single dolphin and moving it to a new environment is a literal culture shock to the animal seeing that each pod has a different language and culture. seeing captured dolphins that are sick, stressed, and forced to learn acrobatic tricks does not give the public a true education on the nature of these animals. The employees pretend that the dolphins love taking pictures and constant human interaction, but these are wild animals. Their purpose is not to entertain us, and they have a right to their own freedom, just like we do.

    Captivity is absolutely incompatible with the innate needs of a dolphin. In the ocean, they chase their prey for hundreds of kilometers a day. In captivity, they have no choice but to eat dead fish and swim in endless circles around their tank. These conditions lead to their ultimate demise—they become crazy, engage in incest and self-mutilation, and behave completely against their nature.