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Seeking Punishment for Unscrupulous Conducts of Dr. Goh Bee Tin

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When Dr. Goh Bee Tin from National Dental Center of Singapore did a surgery on me in 2013, from all the evidences we can see that she was trying her utmost efforts to hide the nature of the surgery from me. I was totally unaware that the surgery was going into my sinus. I thought it was just a dental surgery with teeth.  The surgery was never properly discussed, authorised and consented.

The detail evidences can be found at

(1). She never told me that my surgery is simply called Sinus Lift. She said it's a jargon and she didn't like to tell her patients using jargon. 

(2). She said she would make referral of patients with sneezing problem yet she failed to discuss my severe sneezing problem in any of the consultations.

(3). In the surgery authorisation form, she used internal all upper case very long surgical term which is nothing to do with sinus lift to hide the small case extremely short real surgery name. 

(4). Despite the consent form can be valid for 3 months, she asked me to sign it in the last minutes. The worst was she only presented me the 2ng page and secretly filled the 1st page herself without showing it to me. I only found out about it recently from court documents.

(5). The most horrible thing was when I developed sever reaction to the surgery and cannot bear with the bone graft in my sinus and asked her to do a 2nd surgery to remove the graft, she left majority of the graft still in my sinus yet claiming that she had removed 95% to 98%.

(6). I had to do a 3rd surgery to remove the remaining graft much later due to consistent unbearable pain and great confusion.

Goh Bee Tin claimed that she had more than 10 years experiences of doing the surgery. If not with such vast amount of experiences, she would not able to cheat a patient so easily.

I have written both to the National Dental Coucil and MOH, however they dismissed my complaints and maintained that she has no misconducts.

I ask your help to seek proper punishment for such cheating and unscrupulous behaviour from such a senior doctor who still holds an important position in our national healthcare organisation! 


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