UK LEA to probe Sharif's Billions worth of assets in UK under Unexplained Wealth Order UWO

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We the undersigned in this petition requests UK LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) to urgently submit an application to UK High Court under Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) to investigate Nawaz Sharif assets/wealth amassed in the United Kingdom amounting to Billions of Pounds.

Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) are a new investigative power designed to help law enforcement act on corrupt assets. The ability to apply for a UWO is limited to those agencies defined as an “enforcement authority”, namely, in England and Wales;

1. The National Crime Agency.
2. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.
3. The Financial Conduct Authority.
4. The Serious Fraud Office.
5. The Crown Prosecution Service.

There are sufficient grounds for suspicion that Nawaz Sharif (former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was disqualified for life to hold any public office by Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan on grounds of mis declaration) asset's in United Kingdom has been acquired with the proceeds of corruption. It is believed that BVI offshore companies called Shamrock Consulting Corp (renamed to Grayrock Consulting - Offshore company in BVI) was used to launder money & receive kick-backs in Motorway projects.

In particular 5 Flats in Avenfield House, Park Lane, London were purchased namely 12A, 16, 16A, 17 & 17A Avenfield House, Park Lane, London W1K 7AF, whose land registry Title Nos are NGL335917, NGL338285, NGL351184, NGL342976 & NGL342977. Details of "known" UK assets of Sharif family as of yet are at the bottom of this petition.

Nawaz Sharif shares these penthouse in Avenfield House with his sons, Hassan and Hussain, his daughter and political heir-apparent Maryam and her husband Muhammad Safdar. The money used to bankroll was dishonestly acquired by Nawaz Sharif during his three terms as prime minister of Pakistan.

Untangling the web of the Sharifs’ British real estate portfolio is not easy for UK law enforcement authorities. The properties are registered via a bewildering network of companies (on-shore & offshore - BVI), trusts and bank accounts.

UKCA is already investigation suspicious transactions which involves Nawaz Sharif's son Hassan & Hussain Sharif who have been using their Dubai Based company Capital FZE (Licence No 3209) to launder money from Pakistan to Dubai companies and then to UK companies (Quint Paddington Limited - Company Registration No 6154830) and then back to Pakistan.

For reasons beyond common man comprehension these have been halted. (Most likely as Nawaz Sharif came into power for the third time in 2013 Elections through rigging, manipulations and malpractices). These suspicious transactions/amounts were remitted as gifts by his son's in UK after tunneling them through the entire globe ‘to camouflage the real origin of funds’. Yet while his UK firms were being used to buy luxury property, their accounts were also showing vast losses.

Details & flow of funds of Hassan Nawaz Sharif money laundering network can be found in the following link

The Sharifs have for years moved their money in and out of Britain, Switzerland, the Middle East and the British Virgin Islands – to conceal its dishonest provenance.

Sharifs assets exceed their demonstrable legal income. Joint Investigation Team (JIT) from six Pakistani law enforcement and intelligence agencies cites nine separate ongoing corruption investigations into Nawaz, in which he is alleged to have ‘misused his authority’ as PM and derived personal benefits.

Details of Volumes, Annexes of Supreme Court of Pakistan Joint Investigation Team (JIT) can be found in the following link: 

Sharif’s two sons, Hassan and Hussain, fled Pakistan just as the charges against them were being drawn up last year, and have taken refuge in London. Both Hassan & Hussain are dual nationals, i.e. Pakistan & British passports holders.

In a series of statements to the Pakistan Supreme Court and the JIT, the Sharifs have claimed that many of their properties – not only their London real estate, but other assets including a Saudi steelworks – were ultimately derived from a single original source: the sale, in 1980, of a 25 per cent stake in a Dubai steelworks once owned by Nawaz Sharif’s grandfather, Mian Sharif. They claim he sold this stake for about £1.2 million. Then, they say, Mian Sharif entrusted this sum to his nephew, Mian Shafi. Shafi gave it in cash to a now deceased Qatari prince, who agreed to invest in a company owned by the royal family. The prince made no written record of this because, Nawaz Sharif told the investigators, his grandfather ‘did not believe in documentation’.

The prince’s son wrote two letters to the court saying the story was true but provided no supporting documents. According to the (Pakistan) JIT, the Sharifs’ claim that they acquired so many valuable assets from their investment in Qatar was ‘false and concocted’. These documents from Qatari Prince were analysed by UK hand-writing experts who concluded in a detailed report that these documents are FAKE, which resulted in "Calibri Font" Scandal involving Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Safdar Sharif also known as Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

While Hassan Sharif UK firms were being used to buy luxury property, their accounts were also showing vast losses. It is beyond (imaginable) comprehension of a common man as to how any person can manage to acquire such a huge empire comprising of such expensive properties when the business itself has minimal equity and has continuously been incurring losses.

Money laundering has a devastating impact on the UK capital. The flow of dirty money into the property market contributes to the wider issues of empty homes, and the distortion of developer priorities away from affordable housing and towards luxury properties.

Security Minister Ben Wallace boasted that UWO would be used ‘against everyone from a local drug trafficker to an international oligarch or overseas criminal’ promising that the days of Britain being a safe haven for dirty money were over.

Huge amounts of corrupt wealth is laundered through the capital’s banks. The National Crime Agency believes up to £100bn of tainted cash could be passing through the UK each year. These assets are in the UK & UWO order can be enforced. The UWO law applies to property acquired before it was introduced.

The bill also contains stronger seizure and forfeiture powers designed to make it easier for police and investigators to freeze bank accounts and confiscate assets such as jewellery and art, which are harder to seize under current laws.

We will not stand by and watch criminals use the UK to launder their dirty money or fund terrorism. This legislation will ensure the UK is taking a world-leading role in cracking down on corruption and send a clear message to criminals – we will take your liberty and your money.” said the security minister, Ben Wallace.

In light of Ben Wallace statement, UWO is particularly helpful when there is no conviction against the respondents in their countries of origin, or when efforts to get a corrupt foreign government to cooperate with investigations have led to naught.

This is exactly the situation in this case. Moreover, even though UWO are a civil enforcement mechanism, the information they uncover may be useful in pursuing criminal investigations, and if respondents recklessly or knowingly make false statements or mislead the enforcement body in responding to an order, they may be criminally prosecuted.

The UK has a responsibility to ensure that any stolen wealth flowing into the country is stopped, frozen, and ultimately returned to the people of Pakistan from whom it was stolen.

UK LEA are requested to initiate inquiry into Sharif's ill-gotten wealth and under UK Unexplained Wealth Order and URGENTLY file an application to UK High Court without any further delay for the following properties (but not limited to) in respect of which the order should be sought, and this is just tip of the ice berg:


  1. Title No: NGL335917 12A, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London, W1K 7AF
  2. Title No: NGL338285 16, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London, W1K 7AF
  3. Title No: NGL351184 16A, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London, W1K 7AF
  4. Title No: NGL342976 17, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London, W1K 7AF
  5. Title No: NGL342977 17A, Avenfield House, Park Lane, London, W1K 7AF
  6. Title No: TBC Upper Ground Floor, Stanhope House, Stanhope Place, London, W2 2HH
  7. Title No: TBC Flats no 5, 97-99 Eaton Place, London, SW1
  8. Title No: NGL394660 Flat 10, Duke Street Mansions, 60 Duke Street, London, W1k 6JS
  9. Title No: NGL818885 15 Chilworth Street, London, W2 3QU - (Fettler & Firkin Public House)
  10. Title No: NGL350124 15 Chilworth Street, London, W2 3QU - (Fettler & Firkin Public House)
  11. Title No: LN53488 One Hyde Park, 1 Hyde Park Place, W2 2LH
  12. Title No: NGL832138 Flat 2, Dunraven House, 36 Green Street, London, W1K 7FH
  13. Title No: NGL491790 Flat 2, 30 Upper Berkeley Street, London, W1H 5QE
  14. Title No: NGL815987 10 Richbourne Court, 9 Harrowby Street, London, W1h 5PH (Filed under Title No: LN122155)
  15. Title No: NGL806047 Flat 8, 121 to 125 Edgware Road & parking space 8, London, W2 2HX
  16. Title No: NGL569247 Flat 4, 69 Cadogan Square, London, SW1X 0DY (BGL87934)
  17. Title No: TGL192078 Flat 201, 14 St George Wharf, London, SW8 2LR.
  18. Title No: DT99349 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  19. Title No: DT148418 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  20. Title No: DT152196 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  21. Title No: DT253611 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  22. Title No: DT278957 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  23. Title No: DT168371 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  24. Title No: DT115513 Units 31-33 Wills Way Industrial Estate Plots, Fleetsbridge Poole Dorset.
  25. Title No: NGL417483 Flat/H 117, Gloucester Place, London, W1U 6JU
  26. Title No: 818885 Flats L&M, 17 Eaton Square, London, SW1