Label Water Buffalo as "Water Buffalo" in North America, not "Buffalo"

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North American bison producers and marketers have worked diligently over the past two decades to build a strong relationship with their customers based upon the great taste and nutritional benefits of the meat, along with sustainable practices utilized in raising the animals.

Those customers, in fact, are playing a key role in providing ranches with the economic incentive to continue to restore bison to the rangelands and pastures across America.

The American public has equated the term ‘buffalo’ with bison for more than 300 years. Buffalo Bill Cody, the Buffalo Nickel, Buffalo Soldiers, and “give me a home where the buffalo roam,” are vivid examples of the public’s acceptance of the word buffalo to describe bison.

Over the past few years, water buffalo products have entered the U.S. marketplace and been marketed simply as “buffalo.” In one instance, these products are being labeled as “Wild Buffalo – Free Range.” These products are being labeled and marketed in a manner that misleads consumers into believing that they are purchasing bison.

The National Bison Association has requested the USDA and the Food and Drug Administration immediately amend the Food Standards and Labeling Policy Book to require full disclosure and accurate labeling of any water buffalo or cape buffalo products in the U.S. marketplace. Under that request those products would have to contain the full wording, “water buffalo” or “cape buffalo.”

Bison ranchers have worked hard to earn the public’s trust. We do not want that trust compromised by mislabeled imported water buffalo or cape buffalo products. Please sign our petition to the USDA and the FDA.