Ban the inhumane declawing for cats in Canada!

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Cats are declawed for various reasons but usually it is to prevent the furniture from being destroyed. Declawing can cause various medical and behavioral issues in cats such as litter box aversion, arthritis, and aggression. Tink, a declawed cat who went to a rescue and had such severe aggression that it took months for her to settle down with pain medication, soft litter, and a gentle hand before she could even be touched. She is just one of the many cases of declawed cats who are either euthanized or given up due to issues that are usually caused by the declawing.

So here is a breakdown on how and why issues occur more in declawed cats-

Litter box aversion: Declawing is essentially amputating the first section of the paw, for a human that would be the entire first part of the finger where the nail bed is. When a cat goes to use the litter box after surgery, digging can be extremely painful so they can learn to associate the litter box with pain. Arthritis can also be a factor too as it's also pain association. Cats who are declawed have to walk differently and can lead to arthritis as it's an unnatural way to walk. It's like having the top section of your toes amputated, your balance is different.

Claws are the cats first defense and are used more as a warning. A few swats of claws tends to tell people and animals to back off, without it the cat can feel a heightened need to attack to protect itself, many times without warning.

Declawing needs to be banned in Canada just like it is in many countries. It's a practice that serves nothing to the animal but causes more suffering. Nowadays there are far better options to prevent destroyed furniture like Softpaws, clipping nails, multiple scratching posts and cat trees. Canadians truly love their animals so it's about time we speak up and ban this inhumane practice.


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