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Justice for Kerrie Lenkerd

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We are petitioning the Centerton Police Department/County Prosecutor to drop the case against Kerrie Lenkerd. She had previously called to report the 14 year old for sexual assault/Bestiality as well as trespassing. She was told there was not enough proof of the incident. Due to this response, when the second incident occurred, she knew she would need proof, so she attempted to make a citizens arrest to provide proof. After committing the horrific act of animal cruelty, the boy ran away and lied about what happened. Kerrie did her best to obtain the evidence necessary to protect the 3rd party, as was requested by the police when the first incident occurred on March 9th.  Kerrie is a mom of 5, who has had a clean record and no issues with the law up until this incident. She was acting as a concerned mom, neighbor, and animal lover. She is a responsible gun owner and would never have pointed a gun unless she thought it was necessary to do such, in defense of another, who was unable to defend themselves.

Please find the link to Kerries story here:

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