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Wrexham Council Must Not Introduce Parking Charges For Disabled People

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I am shocked & appalled, as a person with significant disabilities myself, to learn that Wrexham council may well be looking to introduce car parking charges for people who hold a blue badge. I note that this will apparently save £25,000. I believe this to be an absurd target for council cuts, and an ideological/political decision as opposed to one of sound judgement. 

Why would the proposal even get to this stage?! Have Wrexham council got absolutely no compassion or, just from their point of view alone, PR skills?! What does this say as a symbolic statement if Wrexham council choose to go ahead?! I am beyond embarrassed that I have to even start such a petition!!!

I rely heavily on facilities within the community, often ones where car parking charges would apply. This would mean potentially not being able to do the limited things I can now, because of a potential decision made to start charging. But, of course, this is not just about me-this is about the many, many people this proposed policy will impact on.

That these proposals also include country parks, where I and others rarely get to for a much-needed mental break, is also very insensitive and not well thought-out at all! 

While I appreciate times are hard due to the purely ideological & political, entirely unnecessary, economically & morally illiterate decision to introduce Austerity from this appalling Conservative government, which is then passed on to Wales, then Wrexham council and elsewhere, surely common sense will prevail here?! We could start charging councillors for parking instead maybe...

I would be very grateful if you would consider signing and sharing this petition. Thank you very much indeed-your support means more than you will ever know.

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