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Oppose Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan

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Mqy name is Cogan Lawler. I have made this petition to generate support for Nathan Deal, the Governor of Georgia, to join the governors who are already against Donald Trump's offshore drilling plan. When this petition gets enough signatures, I will send a letter to Nathan Deal, the Governor of Georgia, and ask him to oppose the plan.

      I have written you to ask for your support in opposing our President’s new offshore drilling plan. I am a person who enjoys the ocean, and does not wish to see it polluted by an oil spill. You are one of the last governors whose state has a coastline to not voice opposition. It’s clear that Maine and Alaska won’t change their viewpoints, but if you oppose this, it could kill the plan, and keep America’s coasts from becoming polluted by an oil spill. America’s coasts will be at a great risk for an oil spill, which would severely detriment the economy of the US as they have to spend millions to try to clean up the oil. Trump's Offshore Drilling Plan is not a good idea. It will put much of our pristine coasts at risk for contamination by an oil spill or some other disaster due to offshore drilling.
Trump’s offshore drilling plan is too reckless to put into action. The plan has been called aggressive by many. It will have a predicted 47 lease sales. the next most aggressive plan, put forward by George W. Bush, had only 31 lease sales. (Ori, 2018) This aggressiveness will only cause trouble for our economy and our planet. More lease sales means that there is a greater chance that something could go wrong, and more consequences if something does indeed go wrong. Trump’s plan will have rigs placed over all of the coasts of the US, including your state’s coastline. The islands along your coast generate a lot of revenue for your state , but you could lose this revenue if drilling rigs were to be placed along your coast. Would a tourist be likely to stay at Tybee island, which brought in 8.7 million dollars for your government in 2015 (Armstrong Public Service Center, 2015), if they had to see half a dozen oil rigs nearby, pumping greenhouse gases into the air? This is just from one island, imagine how much money you would lose if all of the islands were to lose income like this. It won’t be just your state, however, and not only your coast. Almost all of our coastlines at risk to be damaged by an oil spill. these effects include detrimental effects to the state’s economy, and the destruction of a possibly valuable or rare ecosystem. All of these reasons are why you should oppose this plan. Trump’s plan is too unsafe, too reckless to put into effect As the potential benefits are vastly outweighed by the definite risks. However, some are still in favor of this plan.
Those who favor of offshore drilling say the platforms provide lush habitat for many species of fish and crustaceans, drilling actually reduces natural oil seepage from the sea bottom (Allen, 2009). In addition, they say that new oil will make us rely less on the middle east. Also,hey claim that hit is remarkably safe. However, Trump actually plans to eradicate the safety measures described, saving the oil companies $900 million, but raising the risk for another Deepwater Horizon type incident (Conley, 2009). While offshore drilling is safe now, it will not be if Trump rolls back the regulations as he plans to. A key lesson America learned from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was to have these measures in place to ensure that something like it would never happen again. Obama didn’t just put these restrictions on because he disliked offshore drilling, he did it to prevent another deepwater incident. If these restrictions are removed, and even if they are kept, the sheer area that this plan will cover and the aggressiveness of it makes the likelihood of a disastrous spill to probable to even consider putting this plan into effect. In the face of all this, Secretary Zinke, the biggest supporter of the plan said that the plan was a good thing for america. He has claimed it is, “a clear departure from the Obama administration's effort to protect areas rather than exploit them” and also he has said, “This is a clear difference between energy weakness and energy dominice.” (Fears, 2018) This is just absurd. Obama wanted to protect areas because he felt that those areas needed to be saved. Protecting the environment and leading the fight against global warming is not my idea of weakness, and exploiting all that we can is not my idea of strength. While it’s true that this exploitation could give us more oil and make our country less reliant on the Middle East, a place that we currently are largely at odds with, for oil, is it worth giving up the pristine places that previous presidents have worked so hard to protect?
The plan is a bad idea because the lack of safety, the reckless aggression and the amount of space that this plan is proposing is going to have dire consequences if not stopped or greatly reduced. Those in favor of this plan have said that offshore drilling safety regulations have improved since the DeepWater Horizon disaster. Well, guess what? Most of those safety regulations will not stay, as trump plans to eliminate them to pave the way for this plan. Without most of these safety regulations, the plan is to reckless to even consider. We, the signers of this petition would appreciate your help in opposing this plan. We do not want America’s coasts and waters polluted by oil. This much drilling activity, and the new, lax safety regulations make it inevitable that an oil spill will happen. This plan is unnecessary, dangerous and reckless. With your support, the balance of power could swing our way, and the plan can be stopped. Even though you are not part of the Federal Government, do not forget that states have a great deal of leverage when it comes to dealing with waters close to their coasts. with your support, more republican governors might begin to oppose this plan, and this may destroy it, or greatly alter it before it even gets started.


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