NASPERS/MULTICHOICE - Fire Mallet & Botha & Retain Ashwin Willemse or we boycott you.

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“This behaviour of entitlement by some white South Africans who continue to think that their whiteness represent better must come to an end, if it was not for a barbaric nonsensical apartheid system that privileged them we could not have implemented quota system to normalize an otherwise abnormal system," - SA Minister of Sport. 

We the people believe that Ashwin Willemse spoke truth to a perverted sense of power and we demand that NASPERS/MULTICHOICE/DSTV/SUPERSPORT fire Mallet & Botha with immediate effect. Ashwell Willemse MUST BE RETAINED by Supersport. 

If these demands are not met, we will instigate a nationwide boycott of NASPERS with immediate effect.