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Seattle needs an NHL team and the Predators are looking to move. Seattle would be a great place for the Predators to move to, Seattle was home to the former Seattle Metropolitans, and we can keep Seattle's hockey spirit alive by moving the Predators to Seattle, we will keep the Predators name and it will stay and become the Seattle Predators. The Predators are one of the teams looking to move and Seattle Predators just sounds great. If the Preds current owners refuse to move them to Seattle without selling them, Chris Hansen who is currently about to buy the Sacramento Kings and move them to re-become the Seattle SuperSonics might be able to purchase the Nashville Predators and move them to Seattle. Come on Seattle bring the Preds to Seattle.

Letter to
Thomas Cigarran
W. Brett Wilson
Warren Woo
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David Freeman
John Thompson
DeWitt Thompson V
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Holly Dobberpuhl
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Christopher Cigarran
Nashville Predators
Bring the Predators to Seattle, the Preds are looking to move and you would gain huge fan support in Seattle and also the name Predators for the Saber-Tooth Tiger makes more sense for the Northwest than the South. The Predators could potentially move into the SoDo Arena currently under construction in Seattle or if you decide to move the Predators before hand you could move them into the Key Arena, the Seattle Predators would gain alot of fan support from a rivalry between them and the Canucks, I am sending you this in the hopes that the Predators may someday grace Seattle.