Preserve our Night Skies

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There is a very real threat that are night skies will be abused. As technology advances, the beauty of the night sky stays constant, independent of our advancements yet dependent of our observing. We should not let this advancement in technology ruin an aspect of humanity that has existed before written history and possibly even human existence. We need to preserve our night time views. We cannot let big corporations suckle our money while destroying the night sky with their advertisements. These orbital displays, started by a company called Startrocket, will take over the night sky, detracting from the serene beauty the universe offers us while blocking our view with proliferic neon signs. Soon our entire night sky will become a billboard, and future generations will never know what a pristine sky looks like. It will become to the point where no more stars will be visible, and the only way to see space will be on the internet.

This problem can easily be solved by cooperation. We need to ban orbital displays, it is the only way. We need U.S lawmakers and foreign governments to all agree that the night sky should not be the plaything of corporations and greed. Luckily for everyone, there are no orbital displays yet. We still have time to act, but this problem must be taken seriously. It will only be a matter of time before the night sky is ruined beyond repair.

My name is Shane, and like many others across the globe I am interested in space. I’m very much an amateur astronomer, but this problem affects professional astronomers and laymen alike. Even the casual observer can be inspired by the vast wonders of space. On clear nights I’ll set up my Dobsonian and enjoy the likes of star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. With the advent of these orbital displays, there will be less dark, unimpeeded sky to cast my telescope towards. I’m writing this petition to preserve the night sky. I can’t sit here idle and do nothing while the night sky is ruined. It’s going to take everyone’s effort to preserve our skies for the future.