Bon Levi Eviction From Narrogin and Surrounding Towns

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The residents of Narrogin are urgently requesting the Narrogin Council, Mayor and all other government officials to protect our community. A convicted self proclaimed fraudster known currently as Ron Levi has been extreamly naive by entering our community to find his next victem. This man has been charged with many offences across not only our country but also the U.S.

We the residents are apaulled that this criminal has been able to set up a business in our town seemingly undetected until after opening the doors to the residents.

We request the council and other officials to protect our children ,women and our towns future from Bon Levi's fraudulant behaviour.

A person such as Ron Levi to be able to rent a property through a real estate or property owner that has obviously no concern for our local people or future is a huge concern for us all and we feel that they should also be held accountable for endangering the safety and security of our local people. Ensuring that careful consideration is also taken by council etc as to how to ensure that similiar situations can not re occur in future and that property owners and real estates are conducting their business within the law as well as moraly to ensure no further damage is done to our communities integrity.  

This careless oversite by all proffessional parties concerned has caused much distress to our local families. It has brought a negative impact to our community and all parties need to ensure that our community will not be placed at such risks again due to such oversites. 

The people of Narrogin and surrounding communities request that all officials and proffessionals ensure this man is removed from our community urgently and prior to further damage or risk to our communities integrity , our families or our local business's. 

The residents strongly support any action that ensures our request can be implemented. The community strongly support any officials or proffessionals that step forward and up in their proffessional positions. We also fully support  implementing all laws, accessing and using all possible recources and tools available to you to ensure Bon Levi's removal from our community as immediately possible. 

Local electorates your people have called on you to ensure our communities future. We call on you to listen to your voters and not allow this mans presence in our community continue.  You are in the position you are because you convinced us that you care and have a positive vision for our towns long term future. Now would definitely be your time to secure trust and long term positive relations in the community, we support you to use all means necessary to immediately secure the safety of our residents by ensuring Ron Levi leaves our communities permanently.