To RTO: We send you a road rule violator image. You impose fine on them

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The main problem what we face daily is road accidents. This can be reduced to some extent by following road rules. Daily we can see traffic rule violators during our drive. But we cannot take any action on them. Some of them are like over speeding, rash driving, driving while talking on phone, driving while listening songs, signal jumps, wrong routes etc. Some other violations related to vehicles, like too much pollution (Diesel autos releasing very dark smoke in front of you while you are waiting at the traffic signals), very bad conditioned vehicles, not giving signals while taking turns etc.

Traffic police cannot check each and every vehicle at every place to take strict action on such violations. So, my idea is that if we have any online portal where we can upload the pictures of the traffic rule violators, government should take necessary action on them by using their vehicle number. For example, you see an auto which is releasing heavy smoke, you take the picture of the auto number along with that dark smoke. Upload it in the online portal provided by the RTO. Then the higher authorities takes necessary action like imposing fine on the concerned person or temporarily stopping the permit etc.  One more example is some people ride bike on foot paths. You cannot stop them or call police to show it to them. Then you can take a picture of that and upload it in the portal. From the second time onwards people stop violating rules as some one may take a picture of him while violating rules. This may bring awareness among the people that not only police is watching us, people also watching us and point out our violations to RTO through the online portal and will try to follow the road rules strictly.

So please sign this petition and we all collectively take this to the Government of India/RTO/concerned authorities. Through this online portal we can make our rides safer.