"Scammer #Manish Kasana, #MD LCC Coin", "250 Crore Scam within 4 months" We want Refund.

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"Scammer #Manish Kasana, #MD LCC Coin", "250 Crore Scam within 4 months" We want Refund.

As you all have heard the name of Bitcoin now the days so many scams are going on in country on the name of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and so many people getting involved and starting their own cryptocurrency even they do not know the 'C' of cryptocurrency.

( It is very serious matter they are working like RBI as RBI issue the currency notes they are also issuing cryptocurrency or digital token in a large number like billions of tokens which has zero under asset value. It is just like someone write in a paper that it is 1 rs note, 10 rs note.... but unfortunately peoples are investing their hard money and buying so called digital token and it is so shocking to know that how they will get profit when another person buy this token at high price. Owner has no responsibility he has given just token and they suppose all money of investors his own money.)

In the same way a person 'Manish Kasana' MD LCC Coin start a new cryptocurrency that name is Litecoin Classic(LCC) on 16 sept 2017 not registered company in India (Old Site www.cryptogain.in new site www.Litepool.uk ) and the rate of 1 coin is 1rs on the time of launching and so many people are invested their hard money in this coin because  Kasana has promised to all investor that he will do better and the rate of coin will go high and all will get profit.

On the time of launching of this ponzi plan the minimum package of buying the coins was 5000 coin and maximum no limit and in this plan almost 125,000 peoples has joined and 100,000 people invested and activated their ID's (according to MD of this company) so he get  100,000 x 5000= 500,000,000 (50 Crore). After getting the 50 crore he invested this amount in Bitcoin on that time the rate of bitcoin was almost 2 lac but now the price of bitcoin is 10 lac it become 5 times high so he make 50 Crore to 250 Crore and investors gets only so called Litecoin Classic which has no value in the market that coins is only computer digits.

*In the other hand if we suppose that scammer did not invested the 50 Crore (investors money) in Bitcoin then also he has done the Scam of 50 Crore rupees of normal peoples that is also a very large amount. 

After that he has done a scam of 46 Bitcoin (4.6 crore)  in his own exchange www.bitlite.io no one get withdrawal from this exchange.

He is challenging the judiciary of our country. He said many times to the investor do whatever you want go for police, go for court and I am not afraid of anyone. He do not get any update regarding the process of company just only give the date I'll do this thing on this date but don't do anything on date and he switch off his phone after getting 50 crore of investors. Once he has done commitment to refund the principle money of investors who do not want to continue with LCC Coin but after some days he refuse to refund Money of investors and why investors take only principle money if Mr Kasana has made 5 times money of investors.   

Manish Kasana (Scammer)  Bank Account details

A/C No- 93141010000989  (Name-Protector) (In Syndicate Bank)

IFSC Code- SYNB0009314

He has 3 more Bank Accounts which are running 

 ( Maximum investors  deposit  in this account some are given payment through bitcoin)

Manish Kasana (Scammer )  Adhaar Card No- 761504570920

Father's Name- Rajendra Kasana

Mobile No-  9999610999, 8376819311

 (his previous company name 'Protector' a mobile Accessories Company in this company also he has done scam)

Residential Address-   House No- D 2/41, Street No-2, Near Lilu Ki Chakki, Gamri Extension, Bhajan Pura, North East, Delhi- 110053

Office Address-  B 342 Pacific Business Park, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Near Kaushambi Metro Station, (UP) - 201010

Investor's Demand- 

 1- We all want to refund our hard money with 5 times of principal amount  ( Because Bitcoin rate become 5 times at the time of investment rate and kasana bought Bitcoins using our money so we want 5 times of principle incesting amount) and close our ID from site.

2- Give all the withdrawal which are pending in www.bitlite.io exchange If site will shutdown you will be responsible for that. 

Appeal to the Government -

1- Take action against Manish Kasana if  he will not refund money of the investors with in 10 days and seize his all bank account (now only one account is seized). He have total 4 bank account of different names.

2- Government should give him ( Scammer) punishment and send him to jail at least for 10 year at  the charge Operating Ponzi Scheme in india.

3- Seize his passport so he could not go anywhere out of country. 

4- Government should give him a strict instruction to refund all the money of LCC investors and give him punishment at least 10 year imprisonment for doing this scam.

5- After LCC Coin he is started a new coin MoonLite coin (Ponzi Scheme) www.moonlitecoin.info . Government should take immediate action against sammer otherwise he will never stop to rob normal peoples.

6- If government will not support  and take action we'll  go to court  and fight for our rights.

( We are requesting all the LCC Investors to digitally sign on this petition and write all the problems which you faced after investing in LCC and please mention the amount in petion that invested in LCC.)