Justice For Danish Zehen

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We all know Danish Zehen died on 20th december 2018 in car accident. Is it all? Answer is NO, It is surrounded by alot of mystery, to solve this mystery we want CBI investigation in this case. The person with danish zehen during accident had told that after the accident danish zehen was taken to Fortis Hospital and doctor declared him death. This was totally denied by the hospital. Even Fortis hospital told that these are allegation and they also told to pull down these things as they are not involved. This means danish zehen was never taken to the hospital. Even statement of different people keep changing every time. Before handling his phone to his family his accounts was even used and there are many more things. Now being a fambruh and good citizen we are taking a step for the right as we know Injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere. We have many facts available to with us and you can check us on Instagram at danish_zeehheen.