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Fight Against Red clay Bricks & Promote Environment Friendly Fly Ash bricks/blocks.

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Dear Sir,

We are writing on behalf of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Producers Associations (AACPA) - - an association for fly ash based AAC bricks/blocks manufacturers in India

Sir, our association works to bring change in the construction industry and promotes Green building materials; specifically fly ash based AAC bricks/blocks, Sir we would like to bring to your notice following notification-: Ministry of Environment & forests (MoEF), Govt. of India vide its notification (amendment) dated 03rd Nov 2009 and again amended 25th January 2016 vide S.O,254 (E) has made it mandatory within 300 km radius of a Thermal Power Plant to use Fly ash based building product such as cement or concrete, fly ash bricks , blocks, tiles etc. in all construction project, to use fly ash in Road or flyover Embankment construction  etc.

However, till date such order have not strictly implemented and many construction agencies have used Clay bricks in building construction within the said radius of 300km. So, we hereby request you to please take the above notification under consideration and grant us exemption in GST Tax regime in order to achieve the target set by Government of India for 100% fly ash utilization by 2019.

Why Fly ash based product instead of Clay bricks?

1. Nearly 10,000 hectares of top soil is lost every year for earth clay brick manufacturing. Clay bricks are manufactured using top fertile layer of soil thereby causing – soil Infertility, soil erosion and a concern for food security.  

2. Approximately 24 million tons of coal is burnt for clay bricks. According to study by IIT-Delhi, brick kilns are responsible for nearly 15% of PM 2.5 air pollution, which has become a major environmental concern for major cities such as NCR-Delhi.

3. The workers in the brick industry are subjected to extreme working conditions, bonded labour and poor remuneration; widespread child labour is norm in clay bricks industry

4. Workers being employed via contractor are not on the payroll of the kiln owner & hence not covered under labour laws like Minimum Wage Act, etc.

5. India’s total installed power generation capacity currently stands at 304,505 MW, Coal and Lignite based Thermal Power Stations account for about 62% of the total capacity, Indian coal is of low grade having high ash content of 30-45%. In 2013-14 alone, 172.87 million tons of ash was generated by burning coal, only 99.62 Million Tons i.e. 57.63% of total was utilized

6. The unutilized Fly Ash is disposed in open ponds, an estimated 65,000 acres of land is currently being occupied by ash ponds, More than 80 million metric tons is being stored in ponds or disposed of in landfills as on date, An estimated 225 million tons of fly ash will be stored in more than 1.8 million acres of pond in 2032

7. Dumping of fly ash has numerous negatives to it I.e. lowers soil fertility, interferes with pH balance and portability of water, contaminates soil & ground water, corrodes exposed metal, Causes health hazards like bronchitis, silicosis, asthma, and lung cancer.

Our Request

Fly ash based brick/block manufacturers, are consuming nearly 10 million tons of fly ash annually. If given an opportunity and support, we can increase the usage of the same by more than 10 times. Thus, our request to the council is for stronger implementation of said fly ash notification, by giving 0% or 5% GST rate for fly ash based bricks/blocks. This would increase market size for green product like Fly Ash based bricks/blocks and directly the consumption of fly ash also.

Burnt clay bricks need to be completely banned in order to save top agricultural soil of the country. Ministry of Environment and Forests has come out with notification but it needs to be properly enforced which is possible if we put red clay bricks under the list of “demerit goods” which will help curb the use of red clay bricks. It can be charged at GST rate of 28% or even higher. 

Sir, we look forward for your intervention in this matter and consider our request for exemption in GST for Fly ash based bricks/blocks and demerit good status for burnt clay bricks; to save the environment for the present and future generations.


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