Declare Kerala Floods as National Disaster. Send more Relief Funds.

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As the world is aware of Kerala's current situation, having the worst floods in 140 years... 36 dams full to the brim beyond permitted danger level, 33 have been releasing water in massive quantity. 14 districts in Kerala are on Red Alert. Most of Kerala is submerged. 324 People dead, 2.2 Lakh people in Camps

Imagine yourself in their position, Your families and loved ones in their position. Wouldn't you want everyone to help them? We would do anything to get them back safely. These people are ours too. We are all Indians and must stand for and with each other.

A 100 Crores will not be sufficient to help the state and it's people. Damages exceed 8000 Crores. Rescue personnel are worn out and aid hasn't reached many places.  Declare Kerala Floods as a National Disaster, send more forces to help out. 

Kindly support the cause.

- Citizens of India.

Thank you.