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Children have a right to learn Indian history in the manner that it occurred.

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A child, when he or she starts schooling is like a blank page. One can mould and design it to be anything. Thus, a child in his initial years of schooling, or maybe till the time he is a metric, he finds it difficult to differentiate between right or wrong, just and unjust, and absorbs everything society teaches him. His innocence mainly comes into play in by what is taught to him in his schooling. A teacher's comment or something that he so diligently mugs up for his exam, he believes the same to be true. I being a student myself who's just graduated know for a fact that most of my decisions or observations towards the world changed after i completed my 12th grade and I got a much better understanding of the world. NOW I REALISE THAT MY PARENTS HAVE BEEN RIGHT in so many cases where i thought i always wasn't wrong. 

Thus the point that i want to bring out here is whats happening in the current education sphere in India. The current government, knowingly or not, has been altering history in the books that i cherished and by hearted in my schooling years and still remember. Articles about our first Hon Pm Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Shri Sarojini Naidu etc and texts written by famous muslim scholars are being omitted. Nehruji, was our countries first prime minister who took on the responsibility of making a nation who's legs had been damaged, stand up again. He was respected world wide and was also one of the freedom fighters who spent longest time in jail during freedom struggle. And they are trying to diminish his presence in our children's history books. The same books through which i learnt how much our country has endured and even then stood united and so many barve women and men gave up their lives to freeing it from British rule and also so much about our in depth constitution which gave our nation a form and code of conduct, a modus operandi. Rather the government is spending on books circulating around PM Modis childhood, education etc and these books are even more in number than books on Dr B.R Ambedkar, the man responsible for our Constitution.

  "Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent."

The quote above talks about how one as a powerful elected PM has a moral responsibility to ensure the kids in his country know and are proud about their independence history and people who fought to achieve it. When a student since childhood is reading mainly about the current PM along with the media storm around him, he's bound to be moulded by it, as at that stage, he has no ability to think otherwise. Thus he being a prospective voter, this leads to a mole in the democratic state that we live in. This is exactly whats done in north korea where children are forced to read and learn about the current ruler Kim Jong Un and his families greatness and the fact that their almost gods. But the world around knows the truth otherwise. 

Therefore to conclude this petition summary, I as a student request all of you, as parents, teachers and students themselves, sign this petition and let it reach appropriate authorities that we as a nation are concerned about the children's innocence and naivety and must protect it from being exploited and not let their minds be brushed in a certain way and rather be taught whats the truth in favour of no certain party or people, thus helping maintain a state of democracy and secularism so that when the children grow older, they don't differentiate between people on caste, creed or supporting party, but deeds and intentions. Thank you.

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