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Add Heavy Penalty for Animal Cruelty and Install CCTV across Country.

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I would like to state the following troubles in our Society/City Gurgaon which will have heavier consequences if not checked now!

4 Days back, MCG has ordered 4 private firms to clear out "PIG MENACE" as they are supposedly the reason of all "dirt" in gurgaon, Dirt, that HuMANS are spreading, PIGS eat that dirt to reduce it. They are such lovely animals but they are literally running for their lives and still trying to protect their children by the menace and mass collection of these pigs in horrible ways. THey are being beaten mercilessly and thrown in the cars that accompany them. Today this has happened again. 3-4 times we had called the police in last 2 weeks for such incidences. No good response apart from "We will send the vehicle". Obviously noone comes. These pigs are then slaughtered or sent to Mandi like the Police officer today mentioned in our call and suddenly corrected it to "FARM HOUSES", address of which are unknown to them.

Under the Government Ruling, Now they are doing it in broad daylight and showing more gundaism in their approach. They come with 3 trucks and 40-50 men and people around as usual are just watching.

It is so strange that PEOPLE WHO FIND THIS A MENACE and are NOT willing to look CONTRIBUTE any money to treat such animals are the ones getting their work done by someone WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY A SINGLE RUPEE. Whereas people looking for welfare of public animals are the ones spending money to get things done correctly. If you donot like such situation instead of asking someont to get rid of it, we should take measures to get them sterilized so that can live in peace and also dont cause problems! HuMANS ARE CREATING THE GARBAGE NOT PIGS OR ANY ANIMAL FOR THAT MATTER. ALL THEY NEED IS SOME FOOD!

There is a race going on to collect as much "PIGS = PROFIT" between Government hired individuals and local parties who were already doing so but were afraid if caught.

On asking people initially why they didn't take part, we got the following responses and this was the case not only with local people, but with individuals from animal welfare organizations -

1) Police is also involved, when you call them they never come, why would they, people are murdered and raped and filing complaints is again a huge journey for such victims as shown by latest news. So theory here what we understood was that these individuals inform the police before coming so that if anyone calls, they would inform them and these people would flee. Well now that government has ordered practically and indirectly a mass slaughter, they give a straight response saying its government order.

2) After the police stories were pretty consistent, we also came to to that these pigs are taken as meat to restaurants around, supposedly to some 5-stars too but can't confirm this. Now this whole scam has some people involved with whom noone dares to raise their voice. Involvement of such kind has also been mentioned by people and example related to this was that in some village (details of which I am not sure but this was PFA related). PFA and villagers tried to stop these "Gundas" when they were inserting electric rods in Pigs Vagina, in turn those "Gunda" drove over their dogs while exiting and injuring some villagers as well.

The animal cruelty laws are pathetic. Also this isn't just a small issue. THese people are getting more power and then they will end up using it against humans too. AMA in USA has passed a resolution to stop meat as meals in Hospitals as meat is causes a lot of those ailments, then why can't an inherent veg country like ours make such amendments? Slowly they are taking place but over the course of 60 years?!

Plenty of stories we don't know but when we start getting to know a few, we should take action to stop such acts. These people are not mentally sound! I had posted the Number plate number of 2 trucks last time, in case you need that, let me know. Today's scene of continuous beating of pigs was just unbearable to hear but due to government orders, these people are no more scared and hence 1 or 2 individuals cannot make this difference!

Stricter Laws, CCTV Cameras and associated security guards (to generate more employment) should be taken which will not only aid to solve this cruelty issues but also start to move into other issues of public rapes. CCTVs are very important.

1) Firstly, better treatment of animals should be enforced and rules to start banning meat to improve health of everyone and reduce risk of diseases that can be caused by consumption of animals.

2) Secondly, there should be a FEEDING GROUND in every society or atleast small areas at some distances where we can feed all the animals, dogs or cows or pigs. They will no longer attack anyone as for all the false complaints people have posted on various places.

3) CCTV Cameras to be installed throughout the Country! This will not only solve the above purpose but will also reduce crime rates, rapes and many such checks can be made.

4) Plant Based Products should be promoted and FDA and such checks should be made a fast process, it takes ages to complete without BRIBING, as per known sources who tried food business.

This is a request, I wish it reaches some ears!

Concerned Indian Citizen

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